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Simple Bathroom Improvement Ideas

Updating your bathroom does not have to be time and money consuming, you can use simple bathroom improvement ideas to make your bathroom feel new again. When people think renovations they think thousands of dollars, but that does not need to be the case. Just paint or replacing the hardware can make huge strides in transforming your outdated bathroom to something you like to spend time in.

Remove Old Wallpaper

Wallpaper can go a long way in making your bathroom look old and in need of a makeover. You can remove the paper yourself by renting a steam machine and scraping the old paper off. It is hard work, but the difference it makes will be tremendous!  You can apply new designer wallpapers, or spend less money and buy paint. Colors for this season are pastels, greys, whites and beige. Try to stay away from dark colors, as it will only make the bathroom look smaller. If you really want to create an accent wall, do it on one of the smaller walls.


Replacing all gold fixtures in the bathroom with silver or white can really bring the bathroom out of the 80’s. It is a pretty easy do it yourself job to replace the faucets, towel racks, light fixtures, cabinet door handles, and do not forget the drain in the tub or shower. Ditch the Hollywood dressing room lights and replace them with beautiful sconces or pendant lights.

Shower Head

Studies have shown that new homeowners find the showerhead to be a huge selling factor when they are picking their new home. If you install a rain showerhead not only will you reap the rewards of a satisfying shower you add even more value to your home.


Your cabinets can make a bathroom look run down and old if they are out of style or look well worn. A great way to fix this is to slap on some waterproof latex paint to give it a modern look. To paint cabinets you will first have to sand them down to remove the remaining stain and with a couple of coats of paint, your cabinets look new again. Remember the fixtures on the cabinets should be changed to match the

New Sink

You can find beautiful new sinks that bring a whole new elegance to your bathroom and they do not have to cost a lot of money. You can find an integrated sink that has no edges or hangovers on the countertops for roughly 100-200 dollars. It will add value to the home and not break the bank. With the new hardware, this could be the only renovation you need to make a difference in your bathroom.


Having a full wall mirror can make your home look dated and old. It was once in style to have a seamless mirror, but this is no longer the way modern bathrooms should look. If you can remove the mirror and place a beautiful framed mirror, instead it can really bring your bathroom into the times. If you cannot remove the mirror because it will do more damage than it is worth, then add a frame around your existing mirror. The frame is your chance to bring a woody finish to your bathroom, so make sure it matches your cabinets. If you painted your cabinets as suggested above, paint the frame the same color.


A great way to update your bathroom is replace the countertops. A beautiful slab of granite can bring your tile from ordinary to extraordinary. Each piece of granite is unique and you can find different colors to match the rest of your bathroom. A granite countertop is durable, if properly sealed paint resistant and can seriously increase the value of your home.


Ugly dated flooring can dismantle any remodels you have done, as it is visually a large part of a bathroom. If you remove linoleum and replace it with ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles, you can update the bathroom and make it look like you put a lot more money into your renovation. To keep the price down consider only doing simple designs so that less decorative and sometimes expensive tile has to be used.

All these tips should help you update your bathroom without spending an arm and a leg.  If you plan on living in the home forever, then go as unique as you want, but if you plan to sell in a few years then try to make the renovations simple. What you think is unique others might consider an eyesore. Also, try not to renovate above your skill level, if anything seems like it might be too hard, leave it to a professional. Keep it simple, follow the trends in design and make sure you are picking upgrades that you want to live with for years to come.