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Spa-like Bathroom is a Must-Have

One of the best parts about coming home from a long day is the ability to relax. While many kick their feet up on the sofa, you can add another relaxation oasis in your home with a spa-like bathroom. Transforming your bathroom into a spa retreat is not as difficult as it may sound. Creating this relaxing getaway requires setting the mood with lighting, incorporating nature elements when possible, increasing the amount of space in your bathroom and storage, letting color enhance the spa-like feeling, and adding the rich look a spa would have.

Set the Mood

Getting relaxed is all about the mood that is set. For instance, it is difficult to relax when you see the chores you need to do, such as laundry or cleaning the floors. Get rid of all those stressors by moving them to a different room. Get rid of any unpleasant scents, such as dirty laundry or chemical cleaners, by adding scented candles, candle warmers, or even a misting spray mechanism on the wall. Likewise, if your spa bathroom has harsh lighting, it will be difficult to get into the right relaxation mood. To start relaxing, choose the perfect lighting with appropriate fixtures, adding candles, and incorporating natural light.

Incorporate Nature

Whether you realize it or not, your body responds positively to being in nature. Your muscles will relax and your mind will be more serene. Try to use this to your advantage in your spa bathroom by incorporating as much nature as you can. Choose spa-like plants, such as bamboo, to emphasize your new relaxation retreat. Add lots of natural light by installing large windows or doors to a courtyard view. This will help increase the feeling of nature surrounding you.

Increase Your Space

To increase you space, get rid of as much clutter as you can by using creative storage solutions. Some ideas that give off a spa-like atmosphere include under the sink shelves or in the wall shelves for towels and other items that have the dual purpose of providing storage and giving the illusion of more space. Each of these storage solutions should not be stuffed full with items, however. Keep the storage minimal and roll the tools like you would see in an actual spa. Less space used means less clutter which means less stress overall.

Another great way to add more space, or at least the illusion of more space, is to get a glass walk-in corner shower. This adds more room for a large tub where you can take a relaxing hot bath or whirlpool spa without feeling crowded in a tub. To give the illusion of more space, even with a large tub, choose a color for the bathtub that blends with your spa design so it does not look like it is taking up as much space as it is. Remember that the tub should be the focal point of your spa bathroom and it is okay to use the space for the bathtub.

Let Color Do the Work

Choose a design color scheme that helps your relax and allows you to forget about all the stressors in your life. The best calming colors are cool that reflect nature, such as greens, blues, and browns. Light colors are best in the spa-like bathroom design because dark colors will not spread natural light as well. Dark colors can also stress your subconscious, preventing the effect of the spa bathroom.

Add Spa Richness

Having certain elements that promote the richness of a spa will help in destressing you and making your bathroom feel like it is a true escape from the world. Some elements to include for that rich look are:

  • Multiple fluffy and high quality towels for a luxurious spa-like feel.

  • Choosing textiles wisely to promote elegance and luxury.

  • Investing in a large spa bathtub that you can walk into or step into.

  • Making your shower less utilitarian and more exotic.