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Spring Inspired Bathroom Designs

When it’s time to redesign your bathroom, there’s no reason the theme of your renovation can’t be seasonally inspired! In fact, looking to the season you feel most connected with is a great starting platform for coming up with colors, accent pieces and designs that make your bathroom one of a kind and truly fitted to your personal style.

When it’s time to be inspired by design approaches, using spring as your starting point offers up a lot of potential. Start by breaking the season down into its various parts. Spring is a soft, transitional season where colors are beginning to return, the atmosphere is warmer and the whole world somehow seems fresh and clean. Being able to translate those seasonal ideals into a concrete bathroom design ultimately comes down to your use of space and décor. Focusing on the major theme factors and finding a way to incorporate that into your design is going to leave you with a stunning final product if you’re willing to invest the time and creativity! To help get you started, here are a few tips and tricks to spring inspired bathroom designs.

Focus on your flooring options

Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side of the square footage factor and their layout has a tendency to bring the flooring option you choose into play as a visual focal point. This means that when you’re being inspired by spring for your bathroom design, flooring options need to be relevant. Spring is a season of renewal, so it makes sense to go to an extremely renewable resource when choosing flooring. Bamboo is a lesser thought of, but extremely beautiful and green flooring option for your bathroom. Environmentally friendly and complete with finishes that look both natural or distressed depending on your preference, bamboo is durable, sleek and brings a vibrant spring hue into your bathroom design. Beyond these advantages, bamboo flooring is easy to clean and just as easy to mix and match with ever-changing interior design options.

Spring ahead in design with light granite countertops

Spring brings out the soft, new colors in nature that we’ve missed all winter long. Stick with this idea when it comes to your bathroom countertops or vanity surfaces and you’ll be right on track. If you’re going to be installing new granite countertops, pick a lighter tone to bring out the spring in your design. Granite is a beautiful and natural addition to any bathroom that’s as easy to clean as it is moisture resistant. Choosing a lighter tone with some colorful accent specks will give your overall look a soft edge, but also allow the space to appear larger than it may actually be when it reflects of strategically placed overhead lighting.

Don’t be afraid to pick out some pastel

While they don’t always get the best reputation when it comes to interior design, if pastel colors are applied in the right way with significant thought and purpose, they can be amazing accent colors in a spring-themed bathroom design. For example, painting the lower half of your bathroom wall a soft teal would look extremely fresh and sophisticated when paired with light granite countertops and soft bamboo flooring. Similarly, barely-there pastel pink stripes are a fun way to incorporate color into your spring-themed bathroom design without going over the top.

Let your lighting options set the tone

Lighting in any bathroom, both natural and artificial can create an atmosphere all on its own. If you’re in the process of designing a spring-inspired bathroom, be sure to let light do a lot of the heavy lifting on your behalf. Spring is a bright season with changing tones and colors. Therefore, your spring-inspired bathroom should be free to incorporate fun lighting schemes using decorative fixtures or all-around track lighting. These artificial lights will be great for reflecting out the light undertones of your new granite countertops as well-making the space even more vibrant! On the natural light front, don’t be afraid to incorporate some strategically placed skylights that can let in just the right amount of outdoor light, creating a soft, natural touch within the space.

Finish it up with a flower or two

In a spring-inspired bathroom design, adding a flower or two to your overall look is a must-do. If you’re not a fan of a vase of real flowers on the light-granite vanity, try adding a few sprigs of artificial flowers into the mix. They brighten up the colors you’ve chosen and bring the spring-theme into home plate for visiting friends and family. If you’re looking to add a more subtle homage to spring, try adding flower-shaped handles to your bathroom cabinets or rail ends to your towel rack. It doesn’t take much to make a big-spring impact when it comes to bathroom design strategies.