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Steps To Creating A Luxurious Bathroom

Everyone appreciates a little bit of luxury in his or her homes, and the best place to incorporate a little self-indulgence is in the bathroom. This is the room where you get to relax after a hard day at work, as well as where you get to prepare yourself for the long day ahead. A soothing room will do wonders on your energy levels as well as brighten your mood. KBR Kitchen and Bath has prepared some fantastic ideas to help you create some luxurious bliss in your bathroom.

  1. Create Continuity

One thing that makes a bathroom look and feel luxurious is continuity. You can create this effect by instructing your contractor to tile from the floor to the ceiling using continuous tiles, the continuity of the tiles makes the room look bigger, and obviously opulent.

In addition, you can also go for clear glass to separate different sections of the bathroom. For instance, you can use clear panes of glass to separate the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom. The transparency achieved by using the clear glass makes the room look bigger, and creates a continuous consistency that simply screams lavishness.

  1. Install a Fancy Toilet

Nothing says luxury than a fancy and unique toilet. Some of the fanciest options include wall-mounted toilets, as well as toilets that come in a hatbox style. These toilets do more than flush, and they are preferred for their accessorizing potential as much as for their functional purposes.

  1. Let there be light

The brighter the bathroom is, the more luxurious it will feel. You can install a translucent glass for the bathroom window that allows natural light to sip in, but prevents anyone from seeing inside. Alternatively, you can install candleholders especially near the rim of bathtub if you feel that a window would intrude on your privacy. You could light the candles every time you want to soak in the tub.