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The Basics in Choosing the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

After you decide to perform a bathroom remodel, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you! One of the most important features in your bathroom remodel is the shower. Not only is it a practical space that you spend a lot of time in, but also it is a big design factor in what makes or breaks the look and feel of the bathroom. Homeowners tend to get caught up in the aesthetics of the shower when it comes to selecting a shower, but it is important to consider other practical elements as well. Here are the most important things to consider for a bathroom remodel.

Plan It Out

Remodeling your bathroom is a very exciting project! You are looking forward to the finished product and can’t wait to use it, but it is incredibly important to take your time planning out the technical details that will make your remodel last. When it comes to your shower, you have to first decide how extravagant you want to go. This first decision will help you nail down the necessary elements to plan out your remodel. A more extravagant shower setup or completely changing the location or size of your shower means you need to spend more time considering the plumbing and heating system required.

Even with a small change in the type of shower you want installed, figuring out if you should also upgrade old plumbing is part of the planning stage. You may also want to update the heating system regardless of the type of shower if you have noticed your showers going cold halfway through.  

In the planning stage, you also have to know what your future plans are with the house. If you plan on moving within ten years, then you should keep the extravagance and large scale changes to your shower upgrade and the rest of your bathroom remodel at a minimum. However if you plan on living in the house longer than that, feel free to make larger changes to your plumbing or heating system when upgrading your shower.

Choose the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

Whether you are only upgrading your shower or if you are performing a whole bathroom remodel, you need to know the other details of your bathroom design and space constraints before falling in love with a shower setup. Obviously, you want to upgrade from what you currently have, but you don’t want the shower to stick out or for it not to work with your current plumbing if you don’t want to change all of that. There are a couple of different shower options to go with any type of bathroom or space.

  • One-Piece Shower: a self-contained shower unit with all the parts and pieces you need to install a shower in a room that has not had one before. This could be a guest half bath that you are turning into a full or if you are adding a bathroom in the basement.

  • Synthetic Shower: a design alteration to your current shower where you install panels over the existing shower walls.

  • Tile Shower: a unique looking shower design that provides a decorative and eye-catching design feature for your bathroom. A professional is required for proper tile installation and moisture considerations.

  • Glass Block Shower: a fully involved shower upgrade where the walls of the shower are glass blocks to separate a corner of the bathroom just for the shower. This is a great design solution to make a striking bathroom with the opportunity for natural light to pass through the walls, making the space look larger.

  • Door and Frame Additions: instead of a full shower remodel, you can add new glass doors or a new frame design to give the shower a new look. On a practical level, remember materials and how much moisture will be in the room.

Hire the Perfect Contractor

A shower bathroom remodel is not the same as painting your walls or adding flooring. Between drain and plumbing considerations, heating system upgrades, new shower walls, or tile installation, a lot of technical skill is required to accomplish a shower remodel without experiencing leaking problems or flaws in design. When you plan out your shower upgrade ahead of time and know what shower you want installed that goes with your bathroom design, this will allow the professional contractor to know exactly what you are looking for.