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The Benefits of an Ensuite Bathroom

More often than not, great interior designs come down to the finest details. Sometimes, it’s not about creating the biggest and the best to make a statement, but considering efficiency and personal taste and playing to that angle instead. An ensuite bathroom is a small design addition that adds enormous value to your home, and can make your life significantly easier as well. While it doesn’t boast immense square footage, an ensuite bathroom can be just what you need when it comes to creating a personalized space that is used on a daily basis.

While an ensuite bathroom works well in homes that don’t have a huge amount of space to work with during redesign, they are also incredible options in more spacious homes that need a more intimate and personalized feel to bedrooms. The following are a few of the highlights that make ensuite bathrooms well worth any homeowner’s time to design.

Avoid the family drama

When space becomes an issue, much more than daily logistics can be affected. Not having enough space for your entire family to function on a daily basis can create unnecessary tension. This becomes a particularly significant issue for families that have children and teenagers who grow rapidly and desire their own space. An ensuite bathroom can be the perfect solution to avoiding the family drama by creating a personalized space that opens up the family bathroom for others. Forget the fighting and bickering on mornings when everyone seems to be running late. Instead, consider an ensuite bathroom that gives everyone their own space to get ready and can create a more peaceful family atmosphere overall.

Let space requirements take a back seat to function

One of the most frustrating aspects of home renovation for many homeowners is the amount of space they have to work with. More often than not, redesign dreams can outlive the actual square footage available and the results can be frustrating. This exact scenario lends itself seamlessly to the installation of an ensuite bathroom. Requiring far less space than a full sized bathroom, an ensuite bathroom allows for the addition of valuable and useful space without the restrictions that a bathroom would call for. Still functional and creatively accessible, an ensuite bathroom provides function without needing to consider space requirements.

Don’t ignore the personal touch

Home design is an exercise in recognizing and bringing to life personal taste and a creative touch. When considering the installation of an ensuite bathroom, it’s important not to overlook the personal factor involved. People innately desire a space of their own and an ensuite bathroom more than provides for this need. A shared family bathroom might be efficient, but it lacks something when it comes to individual convenience and preference. An ensuite bathroom allows for the arranging of personal effects exactly as an individual wants without interfering with the general use bathroom. It can be designed to work best for one person instead of multiple occupants, and can even become a refuge of sorts over time. While it may seem silly at first glance, an ensuite bathroom can quickly morph from a standard space into a personal hide away with an individualized touch in no time at all.

Adds value for resale—include the granite here as adding things you want in a smaller space

Interior design efforts in the home are definitely for the here and now, but should always be done with the future in mind as well. If you have plans to resell your home at any point, you’ll want to be thinking today of what potential buyers might be wanting tomorrow. An ensuite bathroom can be that extra added value that puts your home ahead of the competition in the real estate race. While some realtors may advertise the ensuite bathroom as an added bathroom space in and of itself, it can also be highlighted as a unique room of added interest by taking a personal approach to the added space. Either way, an ensuite bathroom is a unique and valuable touch to your home and will most definitely be a selling point when homeowners decide it’s time to start looking for a new residence.

Similarly, all of the stunning features that are generally added to a full bathroom can be added to an ensuite bathroom as well. For example, less space to work with doesn’t mean brilliant granite countertops can’t be added to an ensuite bathroom. In fact, not only will these features add a beautiful touch to the overall look, but will provide the occupant with a sophisticated feel that has nothing to do with size or dimensions. Additionally, granite countertops in an ensuite bathroom will add to the resale value and create hard-to-miss selling points when the home hits the market in the future.