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The top 3 remodeling projects for 2015

2015 is in full swing. Spring and Summer are quickly approaching and remodeling excitement and plans are in the air! if you are like most homeowners, you have a laundry list of improvements and updates that you would love to tackle…but which ones should you do first? After considering the projects that you are most excited about, you should definitely also take a look at which projects will get you the most return on your investment.

Since you likely view your home as an investment, you will need to be sure that you are updating it in a way that will add value for years to come. This might mean foregoing that custom lime green fence you wanted to install or passing on creating a midwestern oasis in the middle of your small backyard. Taking into consideration what will add value to your home and what will entice people other than you someday to live there is a huge part of a successful remodeling project.

This year there are several remodeling projects that are rising in popularity and demand; while there are certainly many projects that are well worth your time and effort and money, below are 3 of the hottest trends for 2015:

The Bathroom

According to Angie of the famed, “If you’re updating your home, remodeling your bathroom is one of your best returns on investment. You’re going to get probably 80 percent of your money back.” That’s an incredible increase in value and a fantastic return on investment, no matter if you are planning a small $2,000 facelift or a $30,000 complete renovation. If you are looking for a safe bet on a room of your home that you will get an incredible amount of use form in the years to come, the bathroom is definitely where it’s at.

Some of the most popular renovation options for the bathroom include transitioning from dated colors and textures to more modern, earthy hues reminiscent of a spa or favorite hotel getaway. Natural stones and woods are also popular, especially in the forms of flooring, storage items, and accessories. Consider gorgeous backsplash tile or beautiful stone soap holders or even bamboo frames for your walls.

Also popular are luxury fixtures like touchless faucets, and state-of-the-art spa showers boasting multiple shower head options. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider heated floors and heated towel racks – these add a hint of luxury and make for great cold-morning perks.

The Kitchen

Always a popular renovation area that boasts incredible return on investment, kitchen renovations remain a fantastic option for homeowners in 2015. According to Bob Vila, luxury items are increasing in popularity almost exponentially. Some such options include steam oven, touch activated appliances, and custom lighting. metallic finishes are also extremely hot right now – copper, brass, and chrome top the list of popular options available.

If time and money are not an issue, you can also consider opening up your kitchen to the rest of the house, creating a more open floor plan that invites people to enter into conversation and encourages interaction and ease of use all throughout the day. Some great ideas here include adding a breakfast nook, installing an island, or even knocking down a wall separating a formal dining room from the rest of the kitchen to create one large room where family can be together during meals. Be sure to consult a professional, though, as there are many structural implications involved with removing an existing wall or with adding new ones.

The Great Outdoors

Curb appeal plays a huge role in the overall look and aesthetic of your home. Consider adding a new front door to your home this year, or even just painting your existing one. Experts estimate that a new front door can add as much as 102% return on investment, making it an incredibly wise and beautiful home updating option.

You can also consider revamping your front porch or back deck to add space and increase your overall outdoor footprint. This could include a backyard dining area complete with state-of-the-art barbeque, or a hammock, or even a gorgeous play set for the kids. There are many eco-friendly options available, including toys made from recycled materials and free-standing herb gardens that you can make use of all year round.