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The Top 5 Worst Bathroom Themes Ever…What to Definitely Avoid

When the season for redecoration calls, most homeowners are instinctively drawn to the kitchen or living room. This makes sense as they are primary social areas in the home and tend to get the most attention visually as well. What many people overlook is the creative opportunity the bathroom offers up when it comes to home makeovers.

Generally hosting less space than living rooms or kitchens, bathrooms are spaces that are used daily and therefore, would have some sure admirers when done up to their full potential. Without the wall space that larger rooms in your homes have, bathroom redecoration won’t necessarily tempt you to break the bank if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

For all of these reason and more, redoing your bathroom can be a fun and liberating experience where you can experiment with color, design and your own personal style! However, with every experiment comes a risk and the bathroom is no exception. While you’re free to explore options there are definitely some bathroom themes to stay away from…preferably forever. Be sure to pay attention to these terrible themes to avoid if you want to make sure your bathroom makes a statement that says spectacular instead of stay away.

Under the sea, minus the understatement

While under the sea is a fitting and commonly used theme in a bathroom, there is a definite line to be drawn between well done and drowning in all that is kitsch. This theme in particular lends itself to all sorts of clever details from fish tail toilet paper holders to waves painted on the wall in swimmingly similar shades of aquamarine.

In moderation, these accent pieces can bring this theme to life in a small space, but far too often, it’s done up to the point of no return and guests will find themselves drowning in the very theme you created! If you go with this theme, just remember that less is more. Your fish shower curtain doesn’t have to match your fish towels, soap holder, blue countertop and seashell doorknobs. Sometimes, a little goes a lot farther than cover your walls in underwater memorabilia.

All one color—all the time

If you’re a person who likes continuity in your interior décor, there is usually an urge to go with all one color in your bathroom—but this would be a mistake of monumental proportions. Because the square footage is generally less as is, covering your bathroom walls in one hue from floor to ceiling can give guests the distinct impression they’ve walked directly into a closed in box they are never going to find their way out of. Small spaces still require dimension and texture to give them the impression of being more open than they are. Especially if you cover your walls uniformly in darker tones such as green or orange, you’re going to create a collapsing effect that might deter occupants more than encourage them to come in and enjoy the colorful work you’ve done.

The optical illusion effect

Swirling wall patterns and black and white tiles are charming on their own, but when mixed can cause a dizzy effect that will make your bathroom the talk of the town, and not in a good way! Before you go pairing cute checkered tile with wall patterns of a similar color palette, make sure the designs are visually compatible. There’s nothing worse than walking into a bathroom and not being able to tell where the floor stops and the wall ends. Keep in mind that the countertops you choose for your bathroom affect your pattern choices as well. Clashing wall and floor patterns paired with swirling granite countertops can take away from any aesthetically pleasing factor these pieces possess and leave guests feeling plain dizzy instead.

Taking tile to the extreme

Tile is the perfect material when it comes to protecting your bathroom from moisture damage and providing easy clean up for accident. However, there can always be too much of a good thing and tile is an excellent example of this. Used on the floor, it’s durable. Used as a backsplash, it’s extremely practical. But…used on the floor, wall, backsplash, shower and countertop, tile becomes an obnoxious décor statement that will leave others wondering just how much you really hate cleaning. Use tile with purpose and sparingly and you’ll bring out it’s beauty and efficiency. Anything more and you’ve lost your tile-tastic point entirely.

Avoid the shine at all costs

One of the most deceptive tests when it comes to bathroom wallpaper is the miniature size of the test squares. While that shiny, floral paper looks elegant in a 2-inch swatch, when it’s covering your bathroom wall you’ll have created the impression that your bathroom exists within an actual disco ball. Too must shine is must not when it comes to bathroom themes. Not only does it shrink the space you have to work with, but it can play in funny ways off of the lighting and create a very real headache effect that no member of your family will ever appreciate, no matter how long the wallpaper is up.