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Tips On Making A Bathroom More Accessible

When remodeling your bathroom for self, you have to consider accessibility. As you grow older, your mobility, balance, and vision, may begin to deteriorate. For this reason, it is imperative that you redesign your shower in a manner that caters to all the constraints you will be facing as you age. KBR Kitchen and Bath has some great ideas on how to make your bathroom more accessible.

  1. Place grab bars at strategic points

Grab bars are crucial for a shower to be truly accessible. They are important because individuals with restricted mobility can hold on to them while moving into and out of the shower. The contractor should place the grab bars in strategic places in order for them to be truly effective.

  1. Make it a wet room

If you reside in a temperate climate, then there may be no need for curtains and doors at the entrance of the shower. This gives you ample opportunity to have an authentic wet room. The bathroom floor can slope towards the shower drain for easier drainage. The main benefit of such a wet room is that there is no impediment to walking in and out of the shower.

In addition, there is now additional space for a caregiver to assist in helping the individual shower.

If you love the idea of a wet room for easier accessibility, please consider having a wall-hung toilet. Have the contractor place it as high as possible to enable individuals to get on and off it with ease.

  1. Have large tiles and a handheld showerhead

This is a strategic decision if you wish to have movable shower benches or stools. The large tiles will make it easier to move the bench/stool across the surface of the shower floor.

A handheld showerhead will also come in handy during times of restricted mobility. The individual can sit on the movable bench and use the showerhead to bathe easier.