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Top 10 Bathroom Wallpaper Designs

The bathroom is a room that most people spend a lot of time in. We use the bathroom to take long and relaxing baths and we spend a large amount of time in there while we are getting ready to go to work. Decorating your bathroom with wallpaper and a nice counter top can make the time you spend in there more pleasurable and really up the value of the home. Listed here are ten different designs of wallpaper and how you can make small changes to really make your bathroom pop.

Dark & Shiny

A dark background with silver filigree is very stunning and dramatic. For a great effect put the wallpaper on a wall that has no windows or doors and then take the color of the background and paint the other walls that color. To complete the look you can purchase white or silver granite countertops. Add some storage and place a white shelf on the opposite wall.

White for Smaller Bathrooms

If you have a smaller bathroom dark colors will make it feel smaller. Consider wallpaper with a white background and black floral designs for a romantic look. If you have black granite countertops and lots of white candles, you will be sure to have transformed your room into a place you cannot wait to relax in.

Go Modern

Modern patterns with muted grays, off whites and a brick and mortar pattern is a great statement in the bathroom. It is another relaxing option and it does not feel like pattern overload. Compliment the wallpaper with wood shelving to give it a comfortable feel. A nice soft gray granite countertop would bring the whole look together.

Bright & Funky

If you like bright and interesting patterns, you can a wallpaper pattern with light colored geometric shapes. This pattern is a great way to liven up a room and gives you something to contemplate while you spend time in the bathroom. Place the pattern on all four walls, or if that is a little much, hang the wallpaper on a wall that has no windows and doors to distort the pattern. The lighter color in the pattern can be matched to your countertops to balance the look.

Pale Blue Metallics

For a cultured appearance you can choose a pattern with pale blue paper accented with metallic florals. The wallpaper looks great with a granite countertop with metallic flakes or if you are on a budget accessorize with metallic colored candles and bath salts.


If you are a child of the sixties or wish you were, you can go retro and get the Mad Men feel in your bathroom. Yellows with green and brown patterns look great in a bathroom. You should add a modern touch and replace your countertops with beautiful rich brown granite with gold flecks. Finish the room with green and brown candles on wooden candleholders and you will be swinging in the sixties again.

Blue & Silver

A striking light blue and silver diamond pattern can revamp your bathroom and make it a showpiece. When choosing such a bold option you should make sure that everything else in the room is sleek and refined. Adding black candleholders with light blue or silver candles, black granite countertops can really take the look to the next level.

Conservative Design

If you like to have a conservatively decorated bathroom consider soft feminine designs with a beige background and cream and brown floral designs. If you paper the top and stop midway and add white chair molding and then paint the bottom the exact color of the papers background your bathroom will be stunning. White molding on the ceiling and beige granite countertops will complete this look.

Wallpaper Focal Point

If you really want to hang wallpaper in your bathroom, but cannot afford to paper the whole thing consider papering a focal point. Pick an interesting pattern that has a light and beautiful background color. Paper behind the toilet or on the smallest wall and then paint the rest of the room in that background color. Make sure that color is something you can live with having all around you while in the bathroom. You can then buy candles and shelving that match the other colors in the wallpaper.

Purple Modern Metallics

A modern look is a bright color like light purple with a metallic floral design spaced quite apart from each other. With this look you want everything that can be put in a drawer put away to really make a statement. With that said you still could accessorize by having granite countertops with metallic flakes, light purple candles and metallic bath salts.

Now that you have some ideas look around for that perfect wallpaper and think through to the last touches such as granite countertops, candles and bath salts. After your bathroom is designed for your tastes, then you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.