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Top 10 Tips to Create an Asian-Inspired Bathroom

An Asian-inspired space can create a serene and inviting look, which is ideal for a bathroom. An Asian design helps to produce a tranquil and relaxing feel in the room and often uses a minimalist decor, clean lines, natural materials and soothing colors. Here are 10 tips to create a bathroom with an Asian theme.

1 – Consider Your Color Scheme

When creating an Asian-inspired bathroom, you will often find colors such as warm neutral shades or earth tones, as these colors promote peace and openness. For those who want to take more of a risk, consider using black, as it can add a dramatic look to the room.

2 – Make Your Bathroom Into a Resort

Another way to create an Asian theme in your bathroom is to design the bathroom to resemble a spa or resort. The best way to do this is to picture a Japanese spa or Balinese resort where you experience pure Zen. Add some texture and visual appeal with mahogany or light blonde cabinetry.

3 – Add Some Glamour

An Eastern-inspired bathroom sometimes uses shimmering metallics, such as silver, gold and copper, and these help to bring a sense of glamor into the room. For instance, try adding gold-tiles, a metallic vanity or even a mosaic that features splashes of silver. These features help to not only make a bathroom glamorous but also help it to look sleek and refined. To bring the most out of the Asian theme, consider adding some cultural artifacts as you plan out the decor.

4 – Incorporate Tranquility

One of the reasons people choose an Asian theme for their bathroom is for the tranquility. To achieve a tranquil look, consider keeping the walls a neutral color, as this brings an inviting and warm atmosphere. To this look, add chrome features and crisp, white fixtures. If it is in your budget, also consider adding floor to ceiling windows to bring in natural lighting, especially if you have a view.

5 – Decorate the Walls With Fun Coverings

Though an Asian-inspired bathroom looks gorgeous with plain, empty walls, it is also fun to inject some of your own personal taste into the room. If you can find a koi-printed wall paper or poster, for instance, add this decoration. Koi represent friendship, love and courage in Japan, and in China, these fish are seen as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. You also might want to consider adding pictures of cherry blossoms or even those with Asian language characters.

6 – Bamboo Accents Bring Asian Flair

People also often put bamboo accents into their Asian bathrooms, and there is a lot that you can do with this. For instance, a bamboo sink is a unique feature that will give the bathroom an eye-catching appeal. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly material, and it can be used to create strong lines, which are key when creating Asian design aesthetics.

7 – Incorporate Feng Shui

If you are considering an Asian bathroom theme, you have likely heard of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. This practice is said to bring harmony to a home through different design arrangements. It can improve the flow of positive energy through the home, and believers of this practice believe it has a positive effect on homeowners. The key element of Feng Shui is to ensure that you are choosing a soothing color palette, omit any clutter from the room, and add a large mirror to promote energy flow. Also, if possible, add natural light, candles and plants, as they all bring an uplifting, calm feeling.

8 – Choose Delicate Accessories

Delicate accessories are important to add to an Asian-inspired bathroom, and will add a lot of character and visual appeal. These accessories may include Eastern-inspired geometrics, and other simple aspects that remind you of Asia.

9 – Don’t Forget a Splash of Red

Red is a popular color in Asian colors, and you would be amiss to create an Asian-themed bathroom without adding a splash of this hue. Red symbolizes good luck, fortune, purity and joy. When incorporating this color, start off slow, and only use it as an accent. You don’t want to use too much, as it can be overwhelming when seen with other Asian elements and color themes.

10 – Add a Natural Touch

Finally, Asian-inspired bathrooms often use accessories that are natural and organic. Decorate your space with live orchids, woven boxes and cultural art. This adds character to the bathroom, and helps to create a spa-like feel.

An Asian-inspired bathroom should instill a sense of balance, tranquility and harmony to your bathroom. By adding Asian themes, colors and inspiration, you will find that you can easily create a spa-like retreat, which is the goal of most homeowners. An Asian-theme is also a popular choice, so not only will it add extra value to your home, it will add a lot of curb appeal, too.