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Using Lighting to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners falsely believe that when planning a kitchen remodel, they need to begin by nailing down the major structural features of this space. It is simple to see why people sympathize with this view. After all, kitchen appliances, flooring and countertops often act as the focal points of this space. But, you can very well take a different tact when approaching your own kitchen remodel, and interior designers suggest beginning with the lighting features of this space. In many ways, lighting is bound up with the tone and character of space, and with the wide range of lighting features available, you can easily create a kitchen that stands apart from the crowd.

Glamorous Crystal Chandelier

Whoever said chandeliers only belong in the ballroom was sorely mistaken. In fact, this particular kind of lighting feature has made a real comeback in recent years. When perusing images on the internet, you will notice a wealth of chandeliers in the kitchens of boutique hotels.

In this vein, introducing a chandelier in the kitchen is an excellent way of setting your kitchen apart from the crowd. Crystal chandeliers are quite easy to get your hands on if you frequent auctions, garage sales or flea markets. Furthermore, this lighting feature looks beautiful in a Parisian-inspired kitchen. Imagine glossy wood cabinets, a crystal chandelier and a wallpapered focal wall. Pretty glamorous, is it not?

Large Lanterns

Much like the chandelier, there are strong preconceptions about how and where it is appropriate to use lanterns. One strong misbelief is that lanterns are only appropriate out of doors. But, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, hanging lanterns look stunning in soulful and eclectic kitchens.

If you are aiming for an eclectic aesthetic in your kitchen, you will want to make a concerted effort to mix and match your materials. This might mean introducing subway tiles behind your stove, as a type of backsplash. Next, you can hang metal-bound lanterns on either end of your kitchen island. By using pendant lanterns, you effectively highlight the primary eating area in this space. To bring your eclectic design together, you might consider lining an entire wall with unenclosed shelves. On these shelves, you can display your most prized antiques and eating instruments. In so doing, you encourage the juxtaposition of different yet complementary materials that exists throughout the entire room.

Drum Shades

In many ways, using drum shades feels as though you are adopting a traditional approach to lighting in the kitchen. But, when you examine this lighting feature in context, you realize that drum shades are much better described as a modern approach to lighting.

Interior designers suggest hanging an even number of drum shades at an equal distance from one another. You might attach these shades to wrought iron chains, from the kitchen ceiling, to amplify this feature’s industrial look. To complement this modern lighting feature, you will want to consider a granite island. In terms of the cut and color of your granite, bright white is a beautiful option. However, any cut of granite in a solid color will work splendidly. In terms of accessories, you can introduce large glass vases in a variety of complimentary colors. Keep in mind that modern kitchens embrace minimal accessories. Drum shades are both neutral and sleek, and promote the sense of functionality that is so important to modern spaces.

Gilded Light Feature

If you are striving to remodel your kitchen in an ultra-feminine fashion, a gilded light feature will be an ideal option for you. This light feature will adopt a metallic color and should be placed in the center of your space. To make the metallic luster of this feature pop, you will want to paint your ceiling a strong color. For example, a copper gilded light fixture will sit beautifully atop an azure blue ceiling. Gilded light fixtures might also come in deep bronze, bright gold or cool silver.  

To tie the feminine aesthetic of your space together, you can introduce sparkling metallic wherever possible. This might take the form of a hammered copper backsplash, or farmhouse sink. Also, panelled glass cabinetry is distinctly feminine in feeling. To echo the delicate glass of your cabinetry, you may want to introduce glass hardware on all of your drawers.

If you are hoping to remodel your kitchen but do not know where to start, consider beginning with the lighting. Lighting fixtures are bound up with a distinctive character and aesthetic that will carry over to the kitchen at large. For instance, a crystal chandelier will look beautiful in a soulful and eclectic kitchen. In contrast, drum lights are the perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen that centers on clean lines and a sense of balance. Finally, a gilded lighting fixture is the perfect addition to an ultra-feminine kitchen.