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Valentine’s Day Inspired Kitchen Design – For All Year

The holiday of love has the potential to inspire some interior designs that might just be worthy of sticking around for a while. Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean the fun you got out of decorating for the holiday has to end as well. In fact, there are some Valentine’s Day décor ideas that should be left up all year long!

While it’s probably best to get rid of those candy hearts that have an expiration date, you certainly don’t have to ditch some of your other crafty and love-inspired additions. Take some time to step back this year and decide what Valentine’s decorations need to go, and which have earned the right of keeping your kitchen company all the way through next February 14th.

The I love you because board

A great decorative wall piece to add to your kitchen for Valentine’s Day is the “I love you because…” board. Nothing more than a simple chalkboard with those words written on it, the concept is that family members would leave loving notes for one another about what they see that’s great in them. While this works wonders for a holiday celebrating love, there’s no reason a board like this can’t adorn the walls of your kitchen 12 months out of the year.

Every day is the perfect time to tell those in your family that you love them and if you’re reminded of that fact every time you go to cook or eat, all the better! Try hanging it somewhere everyone is bound to see it like next to the refrigerator, or even try setting it right on your granite countertops to inspire those you love every time your countertops are due for a wipe down.

Say yes to red undertones in granite countertops

If your kitchen renovation happens to fall around Valentine’s Day, you might be leaning towards more romantic colors when you go to install new granite countertops. Because granite is available in a rainbow of colors, red is not only a holiday inspired color, but a definitely possibility for your stone surfacing. For a more permanent Valentine’s Day decision, go with your instincts and choose a red-infused granite countertop for your kitchen and enjoy the hue all year long. Red is particularly beautiful when paired with light cabinets and sleek appliances. Your romantic impulse could be the greatest kitchen design decision you make!

Rose centerpieces with ribbons that can be switched out for seasons

While roses are exciting to receive and display on Valentine’s Day, there isn’t any reason that a rose centerpiece on your kitchen island has to be tossed once the holiday comes to a close. In fact, roses can be beautiful through all seasons and if you got crafty with holiday ribbon around the vase, feel free to switch out and mix up those colors as new holidays and seasons come around.

Candy dishes that are seemingly bottomless

Those Valentine’s candy dishes you kept overflowing for the day of love were not only delicious, but adding a fun flair to your kitchen décor. While those candy hearts may expire, there’s no reason the decorative concept has to. Simply continue to fill your vases with new candy that fits the season and the color scheme you’re going for in the moment. When Valentine’s Day rolls around again, you’ll be ready for the candy hearts once more.

Tea light candles to bring out the best in your color schemes at night

Tea light candles are definitely romantic for Valentine’s Day, but they can also bring out the best in your granite countertops at night. Beyond setting a certain glow that’s hard to replicate in your kitchen, they’ll reflect off of your beautiful countertop colors and create a lasting impression family and friends will learn to love anytime of the year.

Tissue paper flowers can be added as single additions to small vases

For those who invest in their own craftiness and take to the tissue flowers for Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to give them up after your special day. Tissue paper flowers can be easily removed from strings or candy boxes and added to false stems. They can then be placed side by side in a vase and work as a kitchen island centerpiece that you’ll be able to enjoy long after February has turned to March.

A doily wrapped around a pasta container easily looks like lace

If you’re a person who turns to doilies when Valentine’s Day comes calling, there’s no need to wonder what to do with those delicate details once the 14th is here and gone. Instead of trashing them, consider wrapping them around countertop containers you might use to hold pasta or olive oil. They’ll immediately go from being a Valentine’s addition to a lacey detail that gives your countertop items unique texture for the rest of the year.