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Warm Up This Winter with a Cozy Bathroom Remodel

Winter mornings can be brutal.

Especially when you have to drag yourself out of your soft, warm bed just to go into a stark, chilly bathroom.

Not to mention that when the snow is blowing and the air is cold, nothing sounds better than a nice, warm bath.

You can make your bathroom a cozy place that makes it a little easier to get out of bed and one in which you’ll love to take a dreamy soak on the coldest of days.

Here’s how.

Bringin’ the heat

Let’s start with the big guns.

There’s nothing that makes your bathroom more inviting than heated floors.

Whether you’re planning a total powder room redo or not, installing heated floors is well worth the effort and the cost.

The first time you step your cold tootsies on that warm floor, you’ll know you made the right choice.

There’s another option to bring warmth if redoing your floors is above and beyond what you had in mind.

How about wrapping up after a shower or bath in a toasty towel?

Think about installing heated towel bars in your bathroom and you won’t have to dread the moment you step out of that steamy goodness quite as much!

How’s the efficiency?

We’re going from the luxurious to the practical – you need to check out your windows.

If your windows aren’t properly caulked, your space will be chillier than it should be.

You can perform a quick check by holding up a piece of toilet paper beside the window. If there’s any flutter, you have an issue.

If you’re already remodeling, you may be planning to replace the windows anyway.

A contractor can give you some insight into whether your windows just need some caulk or if you need to shop for new.

Think textiles

It may not seem like that big of a deal, but think about it for a moment.

When you walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning, would it feel better to be standing on the bare floor or on a soft, fluffy rug?

What about stepping out of the shower on a cold day? A cushy rug and a big, luxurious towel would be divine.

Fill your bathroom space with rugs and towels that are soft and full enough to almost radiate warmth. You may be surprised at the difference!

Color counts

The visual warmth of a room can have a big impact.

The combination of red, orange, and yellow tones with warm wood finishes can achieve the cozy feel you’re going for.

If you’re doing a total remodel or just a few tweaks, consider changing up the color scheme to one that supplies the right ambiance.

Layer the lighting

You don’t have to be stuck with the “standard” when it comes to lighting your bathroom space.

For example, if you fix your hair and do your makeup in the bathroom, you’ll want a very bright light.

Chances are, you don’t want that type of a spotlight on all the time.

Letting in as much natural light as possible helps add to the warmth of the bathroom, as well as some strategically placed soft lighting that makes everything look more cozy.

Cold outside but toasty inside

With the right strategies, you can have a bathroom that will tempt you to stay longer than you actually need to.

Each element plays a role in making the space as cozy and warm as you’d like it to be.

Take the time to consider the lighting, colors, rugs, and towels that comprise your bathroom so that even the chilliest of mornings won’t make you dread peeling back those covers and starting your day.

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