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Why a Fall Bathroom Remodel Makes Sense

There are always things about your home that you’d like to improve.

Most people talk and think about the changes they want to make long before they get around to actually doing anything – if they ever do.

Why not make things different this fall?

Stop thinking about what you’d like to do to your bathroom and make it happen.

Fall is the ideal time for a bathroom remodel.

Here’s why!

You’re inside more

During the spring and summer, you’re in and out, taking vacations, and laying by the pool.

The kids play outside, you do some yard work, and try to make the most of the seasons.

Once fall begins to arrive, the air turns cooler and you and your family slowly begin to retreat into your house for the next few months.

When you’re indoors more, you’re more likely to notice all the flaws with your bathroom.

The fall is the perfect time to redo your bathroom because winter is coming, you’ll really be cooped up inside and you’ll want to be able to relax and enjoy your new space.

The holidays are coming

Many people host friends or family at some point during the holiday season.

When you get your bathroom remodel all taken care off in the fall, you’re free to pamper your guests without having to worry about the old faucets that dripped and the outdated wallpaper that was peeling off.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let your visitors indulge in a nice, relaxing soak in your new garden tub?

Most people get a little extra time at home over the holidays. Even if you don’t have visitors, your own family can take the chance to enjoy some R&R in your new space.

Winter’s coming

Summer is a busy time. Kids are home from school, you may take a vacation or two, and the days fly by.

All the activity isn’t a good time to schedule work to be done in your home.

By the time winter rolls around, you don’t want to worry about inclement weather delaying your remodeling work or snow and ice being tracked into your house.

Having your bathroom remodel completed in the fall ensures that your winter can be spent cozied up at home, taking advantage of your beautiful new space.

Labor Day deals

This unofficial end of summer is a great time to shop for your bathroom remodel.

The long Labor Day weekend is famous for having fabulous deals in almost every kind of store you can think of.

Take advantage of the extra time to meet with your contractor and buy some of the big ticket items that may be deeply discounted for the holiday.

Don’t let the fall pass you by

It’s time to stop talking and dreaming about what you’d like to do to your bathroom and pull the trigger on your remodeling project.

Hit the sweet spot between summer activities and holidays and winter snow.

You’ll be glad you did!

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