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Why is Tile an Excellent Choice?

When people think of tile, their first thought is to think about the floor. But tile can be applied in so many other places, such as the walls, bathroom countertop, and backsplash. In fact, using tile in these other places is becoming more and more of a popular trend. The elegant design that tile presents along with the benefit of being easy to clean and maintain are just some things that make tile an excellent choice.

Tile Styles

There are three main types of tile style designs that fit in with a variety of home themes and décor.

  • Classic. Classic design presents a simple pattern that is consistent in neutral colors with similar sizes. Classic tile can be incredibly elegant in its simplistic design. If you have a consistent color or design that runs through your home, classic tile styles will work best with your current aesthetic.

  • Retro. Retro design has wild colors and creative patterns with different sized tiles. For the home with an eclectic design full of creativity and color, the retro style of tile is perfect to blend into your home theme. You can choose to blend a variety of colors in the retro style or stick with one general hue, depending on the rest of your home design.

  • Contemporary. Contemporary designs are eye-catching patterns in colors that match your home design. For a home that entertains often or for the homeowner that wants a conversation piece, contemporary tile style is incredibly effective. Contemporary tile has the design potential to match the theme of any room you want to place it in, but be careful choosing the pattern. The perfect pattern and color will pull your room design together cohesively.

Tile Types

The type of tile you use on the floors, walls, or countertops varies because of the use the area sees. The tiles that you use are your floors are usually ceramic. Ceramic tile provides the option for a smooth floor or something with a little grit to it. If you choose this path for your tile flooring, carefully consider the texture you choose for your ceramic tiles. Rooms with low traffic and low moisture, such as entryways or dens, can get away with the smooth texture ceramic tile. However, rooms with high traffic and the potential for moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, should always have a textured ceramic tile. Water drops or any other spills while cooking in the kitchen or getting ready after a shower can become a fall hazard on smooth tile. Texture is better for these types of spaces.

When it comes to backsplashes, the most common type of tile are 4×4 pieces, either smooth or textured depending on your overall kitchen or bathroom design. It is common for people to choose a monochromatic design for their backsplash, but you can also choose a variety of different tiles and piece them together into a work of art on your backsplash. This is a beautiful option for bathrooms especially since there is more freedom to get creative in that space. You also have the option to use larger size tiles for larger backsplash spaces, like in the bathroom, to make a striking statement piece.

Tile Design

You can mix and match the different tile styles and types to create a beautiful piece of art in your house. You can take several different designs and put them together in one small area of your home and make the room stand out with those patterns. Be careful with this tactic, however. It is easy to get overzealous when mix and matching tile pieces to create artwork in your home. Mixing too many patterns may clash together, let alone with the rest of your home design. Don’t forget the three tile styles and how they mesh with tile types in different rooms when crafting a statement piece.