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Why Modern Kitchen Design is Popular

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in the home. People gather in the kitchen to make and eat food, rehash the day, and grab items to take on the go. This was not always how kitchens were used, however. In the past, kitchens were used for strict food prep by either a staff or by a singular person. Traditional kitchen designs reflect this type of use, making them not the friendliest design for the way kitchens are used today for gathering and consumption of food. Modern design has many cool functional and aesthetic aspects that make every task in the space easier. The popularity of modern kitchen design boils down to functionality, customization, technology, resale value, and efficiency.


Modern kitchens are much more functional for the average family than the kitchens of the past. From the design to the appliances, modern kitchens make the life-on-the-go tasks way easier. Depending on your home design, a modern kitchen will have a layout that utilizes space the best from meal prep to traffic. Older homes have popular kitchen layouts that do not think about the use of space, but modern kitchen design is all about making things as functional as possible. Modern kitchens also have functionality built into the design, from having a section of a countertop as a butcher block to creative storage solutions in cabinets.


Modern kitchen design means having it your way! Customization is key in creating a kitchen design that meets your family needs and usual room traffic. When you are ready to go through a modern kitchen remodel, you can sit down with designers and contractors to talk about your dream kitchen. They will be able to customize it as close as possible with your budget, giving you a truly customized and modern kitchen design.  


Modernism always means new technology which is one of the most exciting parts of a modern kitchen design. There are many feature, fixtures, and appliances you can choose for your new, modern kitchen that will make life easier and make anyone who visits completely jealous. You can even go so far as to install chips and digital dashboards in your kitchen cabinets and countertops to track everything in your kitchen. The easier way to install technology in your modern kitchen design is to choose smart appliances with readers built in.

Resale Value

If choosing design and functional elements of a modern kitchen is exciting for you, think of how exciting it will be when potential homebuyers are viewing your home when you decide to sell it! Even if you are installing technology in a modern kitchen it will not become outdated quickly. Since most kitchens have not been updated to a modern design, yours will last for decades and excite homebuyers even if the technology in your kitchen is considered old. The other elements of modern design promotes simplicity, customization, and cleanliness, all details that home buyers love to see in a home so they don’t have to update it themselves.


The new features and technology you choose to implement in your modern kitchen also promote efficiency. Everything in the modern world focuses on being energy efficient and not wasting resources. The new appliances, faucets, or fixtures you choose will focus on conserving energy. This lowers your energy bills and makes food prep less wasteful. Many of the materials available for your kitchen design, including floors, cabinets, and countertops, do not use as much resources to create as they have in the past. Additionally, many materials are made out of recycled materials, giving your kitchen a fundamental efficient vibe. This is a key factor of modern kitchen design.