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7 Tips for a Small Kitchen Remodel

Small Kitchen Remodel

You don’t need to have a big kitchen to execute your vision of a dream kitchen. A small kitchen is nothing but hidden opportunities to tap into during your small kitchen remodel. That being said, it also becomes tricky to make the most of small square footage. You have a million things to consider during […]

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Guide: Secrets Revealed!

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Guide: Secrets Revealed! 1

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most effective upgrades that you can do to enhance your home. A well-remodeled kitchen can provide you with the form and function that you have been looking for. Due to the rising trend of open-concept kitchens, kitchens have become the hub of many activities at home. Therefore, a new […]

Before And After Kitchen Remodel Projects

Before And After Kitchen Remodel Projects 2

Are dated finishes and lack of space making your kitchen hard to work in? The solution: A change in the floor plan and a unique design. That said, the scope of a kitchen remodel needs to focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects. For instance, design and functional changes like – opting for an eclectic […]

How to Create A Kitchen Remodeling Budget: Expert Tips and Advice

How To Create A Kitchen Remodeling Budget: Expert Tips And Advice 3

Remodeling your kitchen is never an easy undertaking. Not only do you have to figure out kitchen remodel ideas, layout, and dozens of other factors, while also having to follow your allocated kitchen remodel budget. This post will explain the key points you should consider when making your kitchen remodel budget. Kitchen Remodel Budget Checklist Although […]

8 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kitchen into a Contemporary Style Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Kbr

Do you walk into your kitchen and feel as if you’ve traveled back in time? Well, you’re not the only one. Most older homes have a very dated kitchen. While your living room has a smart Tv plugged in and the bedroom has high-definition speaker, your kitchen can’t lack a contemporary vibe too. It only makes […]

How to Create a Traditional Kitchen: 8 Amazing Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design Kbr Kitchen And Bath

It’s quite easy to confuse a traditional kitchen with “country” or “old world”. But traditional kitchens have this indescribable quality to them that makes the design all the more alluring for many. Personally speaking, I love the idea of a traditional kitchen design. While the whole world is out there going after cubes and squares […]

21 Top Kitchen Upgrades for a Higher Resale Value

Top Kitchen Updates Kbr Kitchen And Bath

Kitchens tend to grab a lot of attention at the time of a home resale. The reasons are pretty obvious. The kitchen has moved considerably from its traditional position. What we mean is that it’s no longer just a space where the cooking happens. Now, it’s more of a space ideal for a friendly chat […]

What is Best Time to Start Your Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Remodel Best Timing

Honestly speaking, any time of the year is the right time for kitchen remodeling. Since a kitchen remodel is all about working indoors, the season to start the project hardly matters. Having said that, there are certain times of the year that work out to be most conducive for your kitchen remodel project than others. […]

21 Kitchen Trends That Have Overstayed Their Welcome in 2023/2024


It is quite possible to end up with outdated kitchen trends while passionately following the latest trends and technology. Kitchen design trends, not unlike fashion trends, come and go every year. And just like some of the more everlasting ones (we are looking right at you slim-fit jeans) — some stay longer than others. The […]

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Remodel Budget Breakdown

After you’ve made up your mind that you need to remodel your kitchen, the process begins immediately. You’re on Pinterest all day, creating boards and pinning images of what your dream kitchen would look like. Every time you walk into your kitchen, you imagine the newer and remodeled version of it. After all, who doesn’t […]