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Whether you are remodeling your master bath or guest bath, you want to create a one-of-a-kind space for you or guests to relax while freshening up. Create a unique design with the tiles in the shower is an excellent way to accomplish this design goal. Not only can you add color, but you can also enhance the appearance of the space. Here are some great tile shower design ideas to help get you started. Remember to think about what you want in the space, and alter any of these designs to help you achieve a dream bathroom – or at least a shower wall.

Invigorating Tiled Shower

If you are looking for a way to invigorate yourself each and every time you step into the shower consider using small square tiles – about 2 to 3 inches in size. Tile the majority of the space in a dark brown – almost chocolate color . Then, you can create an accent space using a sky blue tile about 2 to 4 feet wide, depending on how wide your overall shower is. In most instances, you can create this accent wall right behind the shower fixtures. It really helps brighten up the space. We do recommend, however, that you use a neutral color – and a larger sized tiled – on the floor.

All Dressed Up Tiled Shower

If you are looking for something a little fancier, consider travertine tiles with elegant borders. You can use a natural color, such as grey or tones of brown for the majority of the walls. Keep these going in a square pattern. Again, around the shower fixtures – the faucet – you can create a unique pattern. Consider turning the tiles to where they create a diamond shape. Then, you can border these with smaller square tiles of the same color and then an elongated tile to create a picture frame look around the faucet. Keep the framing tiles a slightly different color so that you can see the outline.

Classic White Tiled Shower

Although many believe white to be a boring color, it is perfect for tiled shower walls. It adds a clean feeling, as well as helps to add more light to the space. This is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with a smaller bathroom that lacks natural light. You do not necessarily have to use white subway tiles, however, and you can choose smaller square tiles that are just as easy to install, thanks to the netting that holds them together. If you want to add a pop of color, you can do that using colored glass tiles as a border, or to create a picture frame around the shower fixtures.

Retro Checkerboard Tiled Shower

If you want to create a retro feeling in the space, consider using a checkerboard pattern. You do not have to stick to traditional black and white tiles, however. You have the opportunity to create a unique checkerboard pattern using the colors you want to design the bathroom around. Think about different shades of light brown and dark brown for a more modern or rustic feeling, or even using a brighter bolder color to create a more modern space.

Contemporary Italian Tiled Shower

If you want to create a look you might find in Italy, consider using glass tiles in various shades of brown combined with larger tiles of a similar shade. For the bottom row of the shower – or maybe even a border depending on your personal taste – use the larger tiles. Tile the majority of the shower walls with the mosaic glass tiles that have the various shades of brown. Pair this with a dark granite countertop for the vanity, and a mosaic tiled backsplash behind the sink, and you will feel like you have just stepped into a bathroom in Italy on vacation.

Elegant Tiled Shower

If you want to create more of an elegant feeling in the space, consider using tiles that have a pattern on them. In many instances, you can find a one-colored tile with shades of another running through it. You can tile the shower halfway up with this bold patterned tile and then finish with a matching border tile. From there, you can tile the remainder of the shower with a solid neutral color that is used to create the pattern in the other tiles. Remember, you want to keep all the colors in similar shades to create a cohesive look.

There are many different ways to tile shower walls. Take the time and play around with different types, textures, and colors of tiles to see what you like the best. You can also create different patterns by mixing and matching the different sizes of tiles. For instance, square tiles can be used on the majority of the walls and you can create a border using rectangular tiles. Think of your shower walls as the blank canvas of an artist and be creative!