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Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Service in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

KBR is an outstanding contractor that you can get help with for your bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation projects. We are here to make your bathroom beautiful in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Our professional team ensures high-quality bathroom remodeling and renovation projects.

No matter how complicated your bathroom remodeling projects seem, we breeze through the most challenging projects. In fact, we are distinctive by our smooth job, which amazes our customers at the end of each bathroom project.

To offer the most beautiful bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation projects within your budget boundaries, we always seek different alternatives. So, our customers don’t need to worry about the quality and cost of bathroom remodeling at all. Instead, they are always sure that the KBR team will guide them to the best project within their budget.

Glamorous Bathroom

Awards & Recognition for Bathroom Remodeling Service

Actually, our 1500+ customers already confirm what you have read above. Besides, the authorities like Pulse of the City, Houzz, GuildmasterNari, Spectrum, and Talk have awarded KBR many times. The awards and testimonials also showed you can trust our outstanding design, decent service, and customer satisfaction.

What Makes Our Bathroom Remodeling Service Unique?

KBR provides you with a unique service experience. We achieve this by employing no subcontractor, clean workmanship, and warranty. Hence, we can bring you the best service most effectively and satisfactorily.
No Subcontractors
We do all the job in-house. That brings us the uniqueness and ability to deliver a tailored service.
Clean Workmanship
We do our best to make it comfortable for you to use your kitchen and don’t affect the adjacent parts of your place.

Our works are guaranteed for years. We trust our labor and material.

Profesional Team
The KBR team does the work in the best manner possible, ensuring that you are in good hands.
Premium Quality Products
We use premium quality products all the time since we treat your bathroom as it was ours.
Local Shop
We are a local shop settled in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. So we know the local needs and expectations.

Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Projects Done By An Award-Winning Bathroom Remodeling Company in Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Each bathroom renovation or remodeling project is special for us. We never treat your bathroom project as “just another project”, and know that it is your dream. So, we do each project seriously and professionally. 

We know that ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is only possible with a high level of expertise, experience, and dedication. So, collecting many awards is not luck but the hard work of KBR. As our awards and over 1500 happy customers have already approved, we offer you the best bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation projects in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

White Master Bathroom Renovation in Maryland

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Contemporary Bathroom Remodel in Bethesda

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Award-Winning Bathroom Remodel in Virginia

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What Our Customers Say About KBR’s Bathroom Remodeling Service

Deniz and Firuz are two of the hardest working managers I have ever known. They also did everything they could to respond to all of my concerns and requests. They are excellent at what they do, and they can solve most any problem. I really enjoyed working with them. They are lovely people. Deniz has a great sense of design and was able to understand my likes and preferences. The bathroom is beautiful!!
Frances P.
Washington, D.C.


More than 2000 customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC trusted KBR for their remodeling projects.

Fairfax Showroom


Bethesda Showroom

Manassas Showroom

Bathroom Remodeling Process

Some bathroom remodeling projects might involve highly complex procedures, but you don’t need to worry about them at all with KBR. Once your project is ready, we start with demolishing your existing bathroom and then proceed to the structural build-out. Your new HVAC, plumbing, and wiring are installed carefully in this phase. Then, depending on your bathroom remodeling project, we deal with the details on the wall like niches. Then, tiles, lighting, and other accessories are added.

Step 1

Contact & First Meeting

You can get in touch with KBR by telephone, internet, or visiting our local store personally. Our team goes to your place and understands your needs.
Step 2


Considering your needs and expectations, our custom closet designer team offers you the best closet design. It can be a new custom closet or a remodeling, and we always have brilliant ideas for you.
Step 3

Production & Installation

Once the design is ready, we set to work on your project. You will be amazed by our professionalism and clean job.
Step 4

Final Check

Your complete satisfaction is of great importance. Thus, our team visits your place when the project is over and carries out a final quality inspection on site. The problems, if any, are noted and solved.

Learn More About Bathroom Renovation

Never get overwhelmed by the complexity of your bathroom remodeling projects. As KBR, we are always here to help you. Moreover, we are also sharing the knowledge with you. You can simply visit our blog page now and learn more about bathroom remodeling and renovation.

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