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Kitchen is the heart of your home.
Let's make it beautiful!
NARI Accredited Remodeling Company
Guildmaster Award for Service Excellence
Pulse Of The City 2022

Kitchen Remodeling in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

KBR is a leading contractor for your kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation projects. Any kitchen work in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC is pretty easy with KBR. Our team guarantees the perfect job in your kitchen from start to finish.


You will be amazed by the smooth job in your kitchen. Doing all the complex projects simply is what makes KBR different from others. But how can we deal with even the most complicated kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovations?

First, we are passionate about what we do. This passion brings along impeccable expertise, perfect timing, and excellent customer satisfaction. To ensure the highest quality, we employ only competent and experienced staff. Our project designers, managers, office staff, and in-house crew are all in the pursuit of excellence.

Second, offering a wide range of options for our customers, we do our best to fit your budget. So, our customers are always sure that they will get the best service and the best products through the best expertise; and they don’t have to exceed their budget.

The quality of KBR has already been confirmed by the testimonials and awards we got. KBR has been awarded for its service, design, and customer satisfaction by various authorities like Houzz, Pulse of the City, Nari, Spectrum, Talk, and Guildmaster.

Awards & Recognition for Kitchen Remodeling Service

We are proud of each award we have received. Awards make us even more motivated to do our job. We are glad to be part of the solution in your kitchen renovation and kitchen remodeling projects.

What Makes Our Kitchen Remodeling Service Unique?

KBR provides you with a unique service experience. We achieve this by employing no subcontractor, clean workmanship, and warranty. Hence, we can bring you the best service most effectively and satisfactorily.
No Subcontractors
We do all the job in-house. That brings us the uniqueness and ability to deliver a tailored service.
Clean Workmanship
We do our best to make it comfortable for you to use your kitchen and don’t affect the adjacent parts of your place.

Our works are guaranteed for years. We trust our labor and material.

Profesional Team
The KBR team does the work in the best manner possible, ensuring that you are in good hands.
Premium Quality Products

We use premium quality products all the time since we treat your kitchen as it was ours.

Local Shop
We are a local shop settled in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. So we know the local needs and expectations.

Kitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Renovation Projects Done By An Award-Winning Kitchen Remodeling Company in Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Whether it is a kitchen renovation or remodeling, any kitchen project deserves to be taken seriously. As KBR, this is our basic principle, and we never leave success to chance. Thanks to our vast experience and profound expertise, our customers always get the best results in their kitchen projects.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation projects in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Our award-winning team ensures the highest service quality in each project, and over 1500 happy customers have already appreciated it. We are glad to make your dream come true!

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What Our Customers Say About KBR’s Kitchen Remodeling Service

KBR did a wonderful job with our kitchen remodeling from the design to the quality of their work and very importantly their customer service. I am very picky about details and they made sure that everything was up to my expectations. I will recommend this company to all my friends or anybody who needs a kitchen or bathroom remodeling.
Carole P.
Annandale, VA
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    More than 2000 customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC trusted KBR for their remodeling projects.

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    Kitchen Remodeling Process

    Kitchen remodeling involves complex procedures, but with KBR, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Once your project is ready, we start with demolishing your old kitchen, and then we proceed to the structural build-out. Your new HVAC, plumbing, and wiring are considered carefully in this phase. Then, depending on the kitchen remodeling project, we work on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

    Once the flooring is done, we come to the fun part of installing the new flooring, countertops, and cabinets. Now you can make a better visualization of your new kitchen. Then, finally, we install the new appliances and inspect the whole kitchen remodeling.

    Step 1

    Contact & First Meeting

    You can get in touch with KBR by telephone, internet, or visiting our local store personally. Our team goes to your place and understands your needs.
    Step 2


    Considering your needs and expectations, our custom closet designer team offers you the best closet design. It can be a new custom closet or a remodeling, and we always have brilliant ideas for you.
    Step 3

    Production & Installation

    Once the design is ready, we set to work on your project. You will be amazed by our professionalism and clean job.
    Step 4

    Final Check

    Your complete satisfaction is of great importance. Thus, our team visits your place when the project is over and carries out a final quality inspection on site. The problems, if any, are noted and solved.

    Learn More About Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen remodeling involves various types of jobs, but don’t get overwhelmed by the complexity of the projects. Now you know that KBR is always here to help you. Moreover, we are happy to share our knowledge with you. By clicking our blog page, you can learn many things about kitchen remodeling and renovation. Also, if you are living in Virginia, Maryland, or DC you are more in luck because you can even find some localized posts about kitchen renovation projects in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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