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Kitchen Trends that Have Overstayed Their Welcome in 2021

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Kitchen design trends, not unlike fashion trends, come and go every year. And just like some of the more everlasting ones (we are looking right at you slim fit jeans) — some stay longer than the others.

The only problem is that changing a kitchen is not as inexpensive as changing into a dress that’s “in”.

This is because a lot is at stake here. Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project and any decision related to incorporating the latest trends has to be taken very carefully. Nobody has the money to change the kitchen every day, after all. So, you have to super careful with your choices so that the final design lasts for a good ten years or so.

We firmly believe that choosing a theme for a kitchen is more about what NOT to do than what to do for a particular year. After all, fads will always exist — but things that have overstayed their welcome should be done away with first.

Let’s look into the trends that are dying a slow death and must be avoided in the new decade.

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1. Using Marble

A kitchen done in marble countertops comes across as exquisite and has a forever look-good factor attached to it that wants you to hold on it indefinitely.

However, the material is extremely difficult to maintain and needs to be sealed periodically. Plus it has a porous texture that allows oils and stains to seep through. If you have kids, be prepared for all kinds of scratches and marks to show through. People in 2020 are ditching it for all its impracticality. This can be an important factor especially if you are going to be selling in a few years.

There are many other options available out there like the solid surface, quartz, soapstone, etc that can sustain the wear and tear and look good too.

2. Plaster Walls

Plaster walls in the kitchen are a big no. They tend to take on grime very easily and start to have a stale look that’s a big put off. This is a big issue especially in a space that is overly exposed to splashes and other gruff.

3. Barn Door Sliders

Barn doors were hot once upon a time but have been climbing down the ladder for some time now. To most modern homeowners, barn doors come across as a tacky option. Best to avoid them especially, if you are plan to sell your house in the coming time.

4. All-White Kitchen

White is irreplaceable. There are not many shades that can stand up to the timeless appeal of the serene color. However, somehow the idea of an all-white kitchen with white cabinets, white fixtures, and even a white countertop and white flooring has begun to lose favor as an ongoing trend. It tends to give a washed-out look to the space and becomes overwhelming. Besides, it’s been SO overdone in the last decade that it’s starting to become an eyesore.

Other options that are going strong are natural wood tones, bold cabinets and even a splash of a color that pops on one statement wall.

5. Subway Tiles

If your kitchen is done up in subway tiles and you plan to go for a kitchen remodel, consider getting rid of the tiles. Subways are already overused as well as overexposed. There are many other interesting options in different colors, shapes and textures that you can choose from.

6. Industrial Style Lighting

There was a time when the heavy and oversized lighting was in vogue. But not anymore. There has been a substantial change in design preferences lately.

With the design world moving towards clean lines and minimalism, sleeker options like soft pendants are the favored option for creating just the right ambiance.

7. The Traditional Dining Table

There is no place in the contemporary kitchen for the traditional dining table anymore. Instead, snug upholstered chairs and low tables have entered the kitchen for that lived-in look.

 8.  Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are moving out of vogue with open shelving seeping in the kitchens. Open shelves are more accessible and bring in a certain charm to the space. Be mindful that open shelving doesn’t go well for every kitchen and there are sleeker, customizable options in contemporary design in cabinetry available for others. Besides, open shelves are much harder to maintain that contemporary cabinetry.

9. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have sort of lost their appeal. There was a time when they were unparalleled luxurious elements in the kitchen.

However, with design choices moving towards lighter and sleeker kitchens, granite countertops just don’t fit in the present definition of contemporary. There are other alternatives to the material that are going places like quartz and solid surfaces. They come in great designs and patterns and are worth investing in.

10. Over-The-Range Appliances

The time for over-the-range appliances is over. Not only do these appliances take up precious space in the kitchen, but they also play wrong with the overall ambiance of the kitchen by jutting out from every nook and corner.

Instead, concealed appliances are the flavor of the day. They blend seamlessly with the theme of the kitchen and set off a suave definition.

11. Real Stone

Stone may look like a pretty sight on your countertop but not many can keep up with the stone’s upkeep. This year will see a major shift towards porcelains and manmade materials like concrete, tiles and even engineered countertops.

12. White Cabinets

The timeless white on kitchen cabinets is on its way out in 2020. Instead, deep blues and greens are a hot choice for creating a great warm mood.

13. Traditional Pulls and Knobs

Traditional chrome and nickel knobs, as well as pulls, are no longer a popular design option. The leading trend is organic pulls and knobs that infuse warmth and character in the kitchen space with their presence.

14. Pot Racks

Say no to the concept of pot racks hanging over a kitchen island. The concept just does not gel with the theme of a contemporary kitchen.

Instead, the preferred choice is to organize them into neat stacks and store them in drawers or cabinets.

15. Open-Concept kitchens

There was a time when there was almost a feverish trend to knock down the walls to open up space for an open concept kitchen. Well, it doesn’t work anymore.

Probably people have warmed up to the idea of maintaining a distance between the kitchen and the rest of the space. Who is interested in viewing the kitchen mess, day in and out anyway?

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16. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring may have been a popular choice once but not anymore. People have moved to better flooring options like engineered wood, laminate, and vinyl.

Engineered wood, in particular, is every renovator’s prime flooring choice for good reason. It looks resplendent, is easier to install as compared to hardwood and stands up to heat better as it doesn’t expand and contract, unlike hardwood planks.