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Interior design projects can be inspiring, yet far too often, homeowners have a false sense of limitation when it comes to redoing certain rooms in their home. Your home has the right to be a perfect reflection of your personal taste and style. Therefore, if you’re wanting to take a risk with an interior design endeavor, a bathroom in your home could be the perfect outlet for your artistic side.

It’s easy to fall into standard patterns when it comes to interior design options. Homeowners get stuck on one color palette or the next and forget what it is they were aiming for in the first place amongst all of the choices. Bathrooms are great spaces in any home to give something different a try concerning interior design. Their generally smaller dimensions means you have some freedom to utilize themes and colors that might not work so well in larger rooms in your residence.

That being said, it’s important to recognize that there is no color that is off limits. While darker colors will inevitably cause a room to feel smaller where lighter colors open space up, that doesn’t mean you can’t give each of these scenarios a whirl and see what you think. Sometimes, it’s more about intriguing accent pieces than colors at all. Just to give you an idea of what is really possible—here are a few moments when purple bathroom accessories just make sense.

When you’ve installed white granite countertops

White granite countertops are stunning bathroom features on their own, but adding purple bathroom accessories can enhance the regal and sophisticated feel of this natural stone and turn your bathroom into royal haven. Purple bathroom accessories such as soap holders, toothbrush stands will really pop against a starker white surface, but will also blend in well with white granite countertops that tend to have darker undertones running through.

If you’re feeling really bold, try giving cabinets underneath a white granite countertop or vanity a purple facelift and turn your standard cupboard into a stunning work of art! Taking a minute to look around will keep the possibilities flying. Primary doors, shelving units and shower curtains can all take on purple hues that will only work to make that stunning granite stand out and give your bathroom a fantastic feel.

When you use darker granite countertops

Purple bathroom accessories aren’t just limited to one hue. Light purple accessories can be stunning in a bathroom that hosts darker granite countertops or vanity surfaces. In the right lighting, purple accessories can even reflect some of the more violet undertones in the natural stone, creating a highlighting effect.

Additionally, using light purple accessories your bathroom can balance out the darker tones of your granite countertops. Incorporating spots of light tones in a smaller space can help prevent the feeling of smaller square footage arrangements then actually exist.

When you’re fixing up a kid’s bathroom

A bathroom built for children requires a little extra durability, not to mention fun. Purple bathroom accessories can be the perfect option when creating a space just for kids. In this situation, you’re free to mix and match different shades of purple according to need or your children’s preferences. For example, light purple accessories on the countertop with dark purple floor mats to hide debris and spills that are bound to happen work towards both function and form. Similarly, purple accessories are easy to continue to use as you transition a bathroom from a child’s space to one that belongs to a teenager and well beyond.

Go ahead take a step further with purple bathroom accessories and let your kids do a little purple paint artwork of their own on bathroom cabinets. This will incorporate the color scheme into the bathroom while adding a personal and special touch your children will be proud of each and every day.

When you’re taken with tile

Purple bathroom accessories don’t have to stick exclusively to the standard options like soap containers and toilet seat covers. Purple tiles are also considered an accessory in your bathroom and can be intermixed into a granite backsplash or flooring scheme for a fun twist! It’s also any easy way to draw attention to your gorgeous granite countertops by creating a unique visual focal point that compliments your surfacing colors.

Wherever they are incorporated, purple bathroom accessories can be just the touch your interior design project needs. With so many possibilities for placement, purple accessories should no longer be considered off limits, but absolutely manageable. If done with the right balance in mind, your bathroom will transform into a space that can be utilized and even admired for years to come! Taking time to take primary features that are already in your bathroom into consideration will help get your creative juices flowing. Purple bathroom accessories that are well balanced with stunning granite countertops have the ability to turn any bathroom into a work of art.

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