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The country houses in the English countryside are also known as “cottages.” In these country houses, the cottage kitchen is an essential element, with its characteristic wooden design. Wooden kitchens remain popular, especially in rural homes where this material plays a significant role. Often, the floors are made of wood, extending throughout the entire house, including the kitchen. A herringbone pattern floor is typical for a cottage-style kitchen. You can finish the floor according to your preference, from a sleek lacquered look to a weathered appearance for an authentic feel. If you prefer tiles, the black-and-white combination is always a good choice. Also, consider using tiles behind the stove and under the large chimney.

Kitchen in Attractive Cottage Style

A kitchen in a cozy cottage style typically features closed cabinets interspersed with glass doors, perfect for storing classic tableware and glasses. As for the countertop, we usually present our customers with two initial options: a marble countertop or a wooden countertop. Wood is often chosen to emphasize the kitchen’s cottage style even more. You can further accentuate the style of your cottage kitchen with accessories and furnishings. Opt for soft tones, like pastels and light browns. Consider incorporating these colors into a beautiful English pendant lamp above the dining table, the tablecloth, or a cheerful wallpaper. This will give your kitchen a fairy-tale character, with a nod to life in the English countryside.

At KBR Kitchen & Bath, we create custom kitchens – that’s what makes KBR so special – and this also applies to the cottage kitchen. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and know how to expertly incorporate the typical English elements into your kitchen. To emphasize the atmosphere even more, you can get creative with accessories. Consider using items like wicker baskets, cozy candles with pastel-colored candleholders, a few plants, and a large porcelain fruit bowl. This way, you’ll bring the true ambiance of English outdoor living into your home! In our showrooms, our stylists have already set up some beautiful arrangements for inspiration.

2024’s Popular Kitchen Designs

Style Features Example
Rustic Modern Blend of natural materials and modern lines. Wooden beams, concrete countertops, black faucets.
Bohemian Cottage Eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and colors. Moroccan tiles, woven wall hangings, vintage furniture.
Minimalist Scandinavian Clean lines, neutral colors, functional design. White cabinets, wooden countertops, simple accessories.

Wood and Metal

In classic kitchens, wood is essential. The type of wood and its finish determine the atmosphere in the kitchen. Unpainted wood in a robust farmhouse kitchen gives a rugged, natural look.

Paintwork in a soft, matte color or in white creates a calm and well-maintained kitchen. Smooth-finished wooden parts are suitable for a more modern version; rustic doesn’t necessarily mean old-fashioned!

Several handles work well in rustic kitchens. Wood is a natural option, but metal, such as brass or cast iron, is also very chic.

Metal handles are available not only in the familiar elongated style but also as cup handles, for example. Porcelain knobs add charm if you prefer a vintage atmosphere.

Tiles for Wall and Floor

Tiles are also popular, especially in white and/or black or dark blue. The back wall is the right place for this.

This is because tiles are not only charming to look at, but also easy to clean. White shiny tiles also help make the best use of light in the kitchen.

You can combine tiles on the wall with matching tiles on the floor, if you want the kitchen in complete harmony. Tiles or a wooden (parquet) floor are also a good choice for the country-style kitchen.

The worktop

The worktop can come in various materials and styles. Natural stone is an obvious choice, but can be laborious when it comes to maintenance.

Acidic cleaners, such as cleaning vinegar, can damage natural stone. This is because vinegar dissolves lime, and many natural stones contain lime.

As an alternative, consider a plastic or ceramic countertop that looks like natural stone. These materials today are virtually indistinguishable from real natural stone, and are often a lot more affordable.

There are also composite countertops, which combine plastic with small particles of stone. However, both plastic and composite countertops are not heat-resistant; always use a trivet when placing a hot pan on them.

Natural stone can usually withstand heat just fine.

A wood worktop is also possible. A real wood worktop is authentic and adds coziness and warmth to the kitchen.

The downside, however, is that a wooden worktop does require some maintenance: it must be treated with oil regularly (about once every six months). Moreover, wood is sensitive to scratches and moisture. It is possible to treat wood with a top coat to counteract that, but it remains a natural product.

If the top layer is damaged, it can reduce its function. Again, plastic with the appearance of wood is a possible alternative.

What is a classic kitchen?

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What colors are popular in American cottage kitchens?

In cottage kitchens, popular colors include creamy tones, terracotta, sage green, and blue. These earthy hues contribute to a warm and inviting ambiance. 🏡🌿💙