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As suggested by Louis Sullivan, “form follows function”, any design is primarily expected to work and help the users meet their needs. When a design is functional, it does what it’s supposed to do. You can always find a purpose in a good design, and the product is crafted in such a way that it will work consistently and execute the assigned function reliably. Functionality exists anywhere possible, from a simple table to a complex kitchen layout plan. If you’re wondering what functional kitchen layout is, how it would affect your kitchen design, and how McDonald’s has achieved it, this is your complete guide.

Functional Kitchen Design

What Is a Functional Kitchen?

A functional kitchen layout suggests that you get just the desired functions from a kitchen properly. Let’s think about what we can expect from a kitchen; in other words, what might be the functions of a kitchen. Basically, a kitchen should give us enough space and utilities to make food for us. In a functional kitchen, we also expect that we should be able to do the storage, cooking, eating, chatting, washing up, cleaning and maintaining comfortably while saving time for the life out of the kitchen.  

Why Is a Functional Kitchen Layout So Important?

Being functional is more important than being large in a kitchen design layout. Imagine that you already have a small kitchen design with a kitchen island. If you are not constructing a new house, your kitchen measures are already given, so you need to consider small kitchen remodelling primarily. You will probably start with searching for small kitchen island ideas or small kitchen design ideas. So, if any kitchen is to offer functionality, its layout is of great importance, rather than its size.

Even though the room designated as the kitchen often has permanent boundaries that dictate this arrangement to some extent, any area can be transformed into a small functional kitchen. It’s simply a matter of designing a layout that maximizes the available space. Also, hardly anyone could deny that spending less time with cooking and other stuff in the kitchen would be a great asset. Therefore, a functional kitchen that will save you more time is way more promising than the traditional ones.

How Did McDonald’s Manage to Create a Functional Kitchen Layout?

As shown in the film “The Founder”, the famous fast-food restaurant McDonald’s shows the significance of entrepreneurship in popular American culture. But how they achieved such great success is not a secret. McDonald brothers have developed a fast, efficient and highly productive production process. In fact, the McDonald brothers adapted Henry Ford’s mass production technique (assembly line) to fast-food restaurants. The idea of “assembly line”, in fact, has become a real game-changer. Thanks to their functional kitchen layout, these restaurants made the ordering and cooking process simpler and faster, which allowed them to serve more customers in less time. 

If you see the film, you can probably remember the iconic scene in which the McDonald brothers’ practice for the fastest and most efficient serving system by drawing and simulating different kitchen layouts on a tennis court. This practice and experience have inspired many designers today, and professionals are transferring this experience to the home kitchen design for the people seeking functionality in their kitchen.

Functional Kitchen Layouts
Source : Tennis Field Scene of The Founder Movie

What Brings a Functional Kitchen Layout?

Although functionality is mainly associated with saving time and cost in commercial kitchens, when it comes to home kitchen layout, some other factors also gain importance, such as usability, outlook and economy. Even if you are a DIY kind of person, you might still need professional help with your kitchen design by getting kitchen remodelling ideas since all these considerations might exhaust you. Kitchen ideas are not as simple as they might seem. They include large or small kitchen ideas, kitchen island designs, large or small kitchen remodel ideas, etc.

    – Usability

Usability refers to the effective use of your kitchen. It starts with optimal utilization of the kitchen room and optimal storage space within your kitchen. Secondly, a clear overview of stored items, fast access to them, and user-friendly operation of these items are vital considerations for usability. Finally, easy and flexible locating and adjustment of the utilities are important if your needs and expectations from the kitchen changes in time. 

    – Outlook

Yes, “form follows function”, and thus functionality is important in a kitchen layout. However, we don’t have to waste our lifetime in a fully functional yet unaesthetic kitchen. Kitchens are not made just for cooking; they are also lively parts of our house where we host our guests. Today, professionals regard functionality without ignoring aesthetics in their kitchen layout ideas. You can find awesome kitchen cabinet ideas, large or small kitchen design ideas and many other kitchen design layout ideas in their portfolio.

    – Economical (You do it once and use it years long)

Another thing you should consider while you are seeking kitchen design ideas is economy. The layout and the materials used should promise you years-long functional use. Although it is possible to design your own kitchen depending on your updated needs, kitchen room design is still something that one can do only once or twice in a lifetime for many people. So, your kitchen design should be the one that provides you with functionality and durability at the same time. 

What You Need to Have a Functional Kitchen Design?

To have a functional kitchen design or remodel your kitchen into a more functional one, you should consider certain factors. First, remember that the professionals start off analyzing users’ needs before jumping into kitchen layout planners. So, you should give yourself some time to take notes of your needs and expectations rather than get down to work straight away. At this point, learning from previous mistakes is crucial. If you have complaints about your existing kitchen, you should seriously take it into consideration and design or redesign your kitchen accordingly. You can make use of online kitchen planners for this.

Now you need to get the required design materials. This stage is probably the most complex one since it needs some experience and cost planning. An educated eye would be a great asset at this stage. Professionals usually have vast experience in different kitchen designs ranging from large to small kitchen layouts, kitchen layouts with island, custom kitchens, kitchen furniture design… etc.    

You can still do your kitchen yourself, but why not getting a free in-home estimate to learn from professionals?

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