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Think Outside the Box: Unique Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

Just because something is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be great. This school of thought applies to homes as well. Room addition ideas for small homes are endless if you’re willing to think outside of the box. Room additions add space while you are living in the house and when you go to sell it, you’ll be able to increase the profits that you make from the sale. 

Even small additions to small houses can add a lot to your living space and wallet. According to the 35th Annual Cost vs. Value Report, remodels and additions on homes can yield a return on investment (ROI) for almost every homeowner. This article will show you, more specifically, small home addition ideas.

1. Family Room and Living Room Addition Ideas 

To start with small house addition ideas, let’s look at the places where you spend a lot of time in your home: the family room and living room. Expanding these living spaces is a great additional idea for small houses. These rooms can be constructed using a bump out or an entire addition of a room. If you’re going to be adding an entire room, consider installing a fireplace in addition to making it cozy. Adding more living space will make the whole family feel comfortable and relaxed in one room so more time can be spent together.

2. Bedroom Addition Ideas

Another way to increase the square footage in an area where you spend a lot of time is to add a bedroom. You could keep it simple by adding a straightforward guest bedroom, so you have space for when relatives and friends visit around the holidays. Or you could upgrade your home with a master bedroom where you can have your own space in a small home. 

Another bedroom addition idea is to make the addition a combination of a bedroom and bathroom, giving the home addition the value of two rooms instead of just one. If you’re concerned about home addition cost but want a high ROI, consider adding a walk-in closet to any existing bedroom. Walk-in closets are one of the most inexpensive home additions, but they make quite the impression when they’re listed as being available in a home when it goes up for sale.

3. Dining Room Addition Ideas

A room addition that could greatly improve your home if it’s on the smaller side is a dining room. Dining rooms can often double as places to eat, do homework, or use as an office. A benefit to a dining room addition is that it generally has a very simple floor plan as there usually isn’t any additional plumbing necessary, and additional electrical work is minimal. 

It is also quite common for dining rooms to be added as an open-space concept, meaning that they are connected to another room, such as the kitchen, without a wall in-between the rooms. Generally, the construction of a dining room addition can be completed quickly and without any hiccups.

4. Laundry Room Addition Ideas

Depending on the size and activities of your family, the laundry room is a room that could use an upgrade. Some laundry room addition ideas include designing the addition so that it houses a stackable washer and dryer to maximize space and utilizing built-in shelves for clothing baskets and storage of cleaning supplies. A lot of homes have a laundry room in the basement, so the addition of a separate laundry room could even leave you with a basement space that could be remodeled. By adding this one room, you could actually be making space for two new rooms. If you’ve got an active family that produces what seems like a never-ending pile of laundry, a laundry room addition could be the project for you.

5. Game Room Addition Ideas

If you’re looking for small room addition ideas, a game room addition may be for you. Game rooms don’t have to fit a whole basketball court; they can be built out to be a gaming nook so that a table and chairs fit perfectly in it. Hours of board games and card games can be played in this small but versatile space. Just like the dining room, the game room could also double as a study or meeting room for virtual meetings. Adding a small but functional room will add value to your home due to the variety of ways that you or the future homeowner could use it.

6. Sunroom Additions Ideas

To get some natural light into your house, a room addition idea for a small house would be to add a sunroom. Since sunrooms are generally enclosed with windows, adding one will give the feeling of a lot of extra space and an open feeling with views to the outside. Sunrooms are especially useful in the summer when you want to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather, but don’t want to have to deal with insects buzzing around you and leaving bites all over your arms and legs. Sunrooms can be made cozy with a simple loveseat and some plants for a relaxing space. 

7. 4 Season Room Addition Ideas

Other home addition ideas include turning an existing space into another room. One way this can be done is with a 4-season room addition. A 4-season room can be created by enclosing an existing patio. It differs from a sunroom because it is insulated and thus can be used for all four seasons. 

This is a great home addition for small homes that are located in areas that experience some distinct seasons, with winters getting cold and summers being hot. Similar to a sunroom, the enclosing of the patio would normally be done by building walls that utilize large windows. 

The insulation of a 4-season room allows homeowners to enjoy watching snow or rain fall from the comfort and warmth of their own home. When the weather is warmer, the room generally also has the same cooling system as the rest of the house, so you can enjoy a nice summer day without the sweltering heat.

 8. Breakfast Room Addition Ideas

To complete a home renovation project with a smaller budget, consider adding a small room, such as a breakfast room. Much like the aforementioned game room, a breakfast room addition idea can be as simple as adding a breakfast nook to the front of the house with windows overlooking the yard or neighborhood so you and your family can have a special place to start the day. If you choose to go with a small room, consider constructing space-saving features, such as benches that can double as storage underneath or a coffee nook built into the wall.

9. Room Addition Ideas for Ranch Homes

Certain styles of homes are known for being small homes, such as ranch homes. The average ranch-style home is between 1,500 and 1,700 square feet. The simplicity of these homes makes them perfect for remodeling services or home additions. It is quite common to add a garage or patio to ranch-style homes. 

Another additional idea for a small house is to go big: add an entire story! With the addition of a second story, you could add a master bedroom or an attic for storage space. Adding another story to a ranch-style home will essentially double the square footage and add a lot of value to your home. When the housing market is especially competitive, constructing a second-story addition to your small home may be your best bet instead of trying to buy a larger house.

10. Room addition roof ideas

Great room addition ideas don’t always need to involve building out; rather, you can construct room additions by building up as well. Utilize your roof to increase your home value. Some room addition roof ideas include attics, dormers, and the aforementioned second story. Be sure to check with building codes in your area and utilize a quality home addition service, as room addition roof ideas are often on the more complex side of home improvement, so you’ll want a credible remodeling company that knows what they’re doing.Small homes don’t have to equate to cramped spaces. There are plenty of home addition ideas for small homes that can make your living spaces more comfortable for everyone and other ideas that can double the size of your home. A home addition project for small homes is a great way to expand your space and increase the value of your home while you wait for the right time to move to a new home. Several home addition projects could even make a small home your forever home and eliminate the burden of ever moving again. Using a professional company, such as KBR Kitchen & Bath, will ensure that the addition is done with a modern design by a professional team. Contact KBR Kitchen & Bath today to find out how you add space to your home.

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