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For many people, stiff dining tables and chairs don’t look much inviting, nor do they feel comfortable most of the time. So, homeowners seek ways to maximize their seating capacity while comfort is the primary concern. So, banquet-style seating has come to the fore. Banquet-style seating has been a popular seating solution in restaurants for ages, but now it is finding more popularity in homes. 

If you are not familiar with banquet-style seating, don’t worry! In this article, you will learn about banquet seating. We will introduce you to different arrangements and share tips and tricks.

What Is Banquet Seating?

Banquet seating is one of several seating arrangements to accommodate people in events like weddings, meetings, conferences…etc. In banqueting style seating, round tables are spread evenly throughout the space. 8-10 people can seat around each table, and the people around a table are generally familiar with each other or they share similar interests or project goals. 

One of the greatest advantages of this style is that it is easier to socialize and have a conversation. So, you can have a productive and comfortable chat with the other table members. Additionally, spending some extra time in this type of seating doesn’t make the people exhausted easily as you don’t get overwhelmed by the crowd at other tables. It feels like you are on your own island. Also, there is enough space to move among the tables if you ever want to visit other tables or go on the stage.

Banquet-style seating is a common type of seating arrangement among event planners. It is best for weddings, award shows, or charity events. Home designers also adopt this type of seating in their kitchen layouts due to its obvious advantages of addressing comfort and saving floor space.

What Is Banquet-Style Seating In A Kitchen?

Banquet seating is a bench placed against a wall or tight spot in a residential home in addition to a table and chairs. The bench banquet seat allows a versatile seating option that saves room in the eating area and offers a variety of benefits in the home. 

Banquet-style seating plan is perfect as a breakfast nook particularly. They can be installed as freestanding or built-in banquet furniture depending on your space and your preferred banquet seating layout. Though the idea with the banquet-style seating plan is to seat more people comfortably, even one or two people can enjoy the eating or drinking time there.

Banquet Seating Kitchen Options      

Banquet seating provides many options to optimize your dining space. A common application for banquet seating is for breakfast nooks. A bench can be lined along with the windows for seating with a matching table and extra chairs on the outside edges. 

However, a banquet seating design can also be used whenever a table is placed. Instead of chairs along the backside of a table, a bench is used instead. While built-in benches are the most popular options for banquet seating, many varieties of bench furniture are available to fit in with whatever kitchen design you decide.

What Are The Benefits of Banquet Seating?

One of the biggest benefits of banquet seating, which is so popular, is the use of space. The bench in banquet seating takes advantage of unused space or reduces the amount of space that would be used. For example, thanks to the bench, you can place a dining room table in a corner that would not have fit well in a small kitchen or dining room. 

Instead of requiring extra room that chairs need to walk around the table and pull out a chair, a bench allows you to slide in perfectly. Even if your kitchen or dining area is larger, the banquet seating style will allow more room for walking traffic. Traditional seating takes up more room which limits traffic, but with banquet seating, it is not a problem.

Another benefit is that banquet seating can work anywhere. From eat-in kitchens to dining rooms to man cave set-ups, banquet seating is a great option with multiple customizable accents and options to fit any space. Banquet seating promotes a cozy and friendly space that shows you care about family gatherings and getting together. Plus, an added benefit of banquet seating is the extra storage space you gain. Bench seating can have an adjustable top to flip open and reveal bench storage. This is especially useful in smaller areas already using bench seating to take advantage of space and traffic.

In social events like weddings or parties, the banquet-style seating might make it harder to interact with people at other tables. However, needless to say, you will not have such a problem at home as you normally have just one table for dining. 

So, considering all the advantages, you can replace your old dining table and rigid seats with a banquet-style seating plan in your next kitchen remodeling

Our Tips And Tricks

Just like you need to factor in more space around a kitchen or dining room table for chairs, you need to consider certain factors when choosing where to place banquet seating, what kind of bench to use, and so on. 

Once you decide what room you are placing the banquet seating in, remember the logistics for placing a bench seat. Since people are sliding into their seats, you need to choose a table that does not have bulky legs or a support brace that sticks out where people will be sitting. Choosing the type of table that is not blocking or incommoding people’s legs is important for the comfort of banquet seating. 

You should also consider the shape of the table in relation to the type of bench you will be using. Sliding the banquet seats in and out of the table should be smooth and easy. Lastly, ensure adequate lighting where the banquet seating will be or if any light fixtures need to be moved or adjusted in relation to your seating. Finally, never get overwhelmed by the layout, design, and work. Most kitchen remodeling services can give you more specific tips and tricks for your place, and they will help you get the perfect banquet-style seating in your home.

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