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You can make the most of your small basement after a decent basement remodeling if you take note of some smart small basement remodel ideas. Keep in mind that basement remodel ideas are not just for the basement itself but also for your living spaces in the other parts of the house. By designing your basement efficiently, you will save a lot of space for other things upstairs, and there will be no more cluttered or cramped look to upset you.

Small Basement Remodel Ideas

The only thing you have to do is not to give up on your small basement. It can be small, dark, or even dirty, but remember that hundreds of basement remodeling ideas for small basements have remodeling contractors willing and waiting to finish your basement for you.

What Can You Do With A Small Basement?

Having a basement with limited area doesn’t necessarily mean it is doomed to be useless. A home office, a playroom, a reading room, or just an extra living space are all possible if you think analytically and ask for help from reliable contractors.

Effective small basement remodel ideas, or even the best basement finishing projects cannot open new spaces in your basement in most cases. Instead, they analyze your needs and expectations and thus provide you with the best design and layout. For example, if adding value is your intention, finishing your basement as an extra living room, guest bedroom, or a small but luxurious bathroom would be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are seeking a somewhat more functional addition, then designing your basement as a home office, a gym, or a modest cinema room might sound better to you.

Here we have listed some practical small basement remodel ideas to help you figure out what you can do with your small basement. Remember to focus on your basement and the quality of life upstairs while reading through the list. Enjoy!

Small Basement Remodel Ideas 

The small basement remodeling ideas listed here are all special selections from larger lists of ideas. By doing that, we aim to introduce you to the most beautiful and functional basement ideas in a unique way rather than waffling through excessive and repetitious words. So let’s move on to the list!

Small Basement Remodel

1. Larger Glass for Walkout Basements

If you have a walkout type of basement, you are lucky because they come with obvious advantages. The most significant one is, of course, natural lighting. Even if the basement area is small, you can create a larger feeling by installing giant glass doors. You can even consider a wall-to-wall sliding door and make the best connection between the basement and the outdoor living space in the garden. A large glass wall will give a nice feeling of space, nature, and natural sunlight.

2. Design Your Area for Laundry

Let’s focus on functionality for this idea. So, your small basement can never make a spacious living room or a luxurious bathroom for unwinding? Don’t worry, there are still ways for you to make the most of your basement. How about a laundry room in the basement? 

In many homes, there is no separate room for the laundry, and the clutter is usually somewhere around the bathroom or kitchen. Also, keeping the washing machine and dryer in your regular living space, the upstairs, where you are supposed to spend the most peaceful times of the day, is rather distracting in the background. 

Therefore, you can designate your small bathroom exclusively for laundry work. Storing everything needed for laundry in the basement and doing all the work from start to finish within the basement will save you a great deal of time and add tranquility to the space. As well as make the most of your basement space to add real functionality.

3. Add Some Fun

If you are looking for small basement remodeling ideas offering fun for the kids, installing a playroom would be a brilliant idea. You may need a larger space for a complete multimedia or game room, especially if you have a big family. However, small kids can still enjoy a small basement if they have their favorite playground structures. Even only one structure can be enough to create enough fun for them. While they have fun there, you can enjoy time with your adult friends upstairs. Moreover, most playground structures don’t require extra plumbing or electrical installations. So, it is a simple and fun way of making the most of your basement out of many small basement remodel ideas.

4. Get A Stylish Home Office

More people are working these days remotely. If you are one of those working from home who is trying to be more productive, creating a home office instead of occupying the kitchen or bedroom will be awesome for you. A basic office with a standard desk, seat, drawers…etc. will not take much space. However, you should still consider wiring for the electricity and internet connection in the basement.

Home-offices are one of the most common small basement remodel ideas, but there are still a few points you should consider. First, if you are lucky to have some natural light, try to position your desk closer to it. Natural light will make you feel more energetic and help you save a good amount of lighting costs. Also, don’t forget to add your style to your office. You can adhere to the overall style in your home or consider a completely different style for your office independent of your living area upstairs. It is your space, your rules!

5. Small Basement Makes A For Big Storage

You are looking for small basement remodel ideas; the previous ideas are great, but your basement is too small, not in good shape, or lacks plumbing and wiring. Don’t get overwhelmed; maybe your basement is just enough for storage, which is still worth embracing.

Look at your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even living room. Storage is everywhere, and you may regret allocating all that space and furniture for storage in every room. So, the basement can make a storage center for all the things scattered around your home. 

Centralizing the storage in the basement doesn’t mean turning the basement into the center for clutter and mess. Through a simple basement remodeling, you can get highly aesthetic and functional units for storage. Decorative drawers, cupboards, or shelves will look much better in the basement and give you freedom of space for better ideas in your living areas upstairs.

6. A Cozy Den Feels Good

Embracing the darkness in a smaller yet extremely inviting space can be the only place where you feel nity to the fullest. Quite a lot of basements don’t have windows, or they can’t get natural light anyway. Of course, it is not something very favorable, yet it is not the end of the world, either. 

There are awesome small basement remodel ideas for den-like basements these days. Transforming such a basement into a cozy TV room, a library, or a reading room are just a few good ideas you can try in your basement. You are advised to decorate the room using minimalist furniture and adjustable lighting to create the most peaceful environment possible.

Small Basement

7. Guest Bedroom

Most homeowners would like a bigger house and an extra bedroom for their guests. But unfortunately, it is not always possible. However, even a small basement can be a real game-changer.

A small guest bedroom in the basement will not break the bank as it needs almost no infrastructure. Just flooring, a simple rug, a bed, and a few drawers will be enough in most cases. You can create a nice cozy bedroom for your guests at a very affordable basement remodel cost. If your basement is blessed with a window, then it is even more convenient to create an inviting atmosphere in the basement.

8. Mirrors And Miracles

One popular, tried and true strategy to make the small rooms feel larger is by using mirrors. Since mirrors add depth to the area, you are optically tricked into feeling the room is bigger. However, the feeling is sufficient. 

Although it is still possible with a basement bedroom, too, installing a small bathroom is probably the best way to make use of mirrors. Usually, using a large mirror above the basin the size of the wall is the best way to utilize the mirror effect. The shelves can be fitted alongside the mirror, and you can get the feeling of deepness even better. You might even think that the bathroom in the basement is larger than the one upstairs.

9. Display Smartly

Regardless of its function, adding some decorative accessories is a good idea to make your basement look more inviting and livelier. However, if the basement room (e.g.: basement bedroom) is too small, you might hesitate to use decorative items as they take up more space. In fact, it is still possible and even advisable to display a few decorative items in smaller basements. 

The idea is to use the space vertically rather than taking up space from the floor area. Using shelves is one of the best small basement ideas in this regard. Also, the color palette can be a factor in displaying objects. Light or warmer colors feel more welcoming and cozier compared to darker tones. Of course, each basement is unique, and so is each project. Therefore, you can consider other interior design tips when you contact a remodeling service.

10. Slim Down

Here is another great basement idea. You can have a living space in the basement similar to your other regular rooms at home. What you need to do is just be minimal with the design. The idea is to preserve more space for moving in the room. So, a slim wall-hung desk, a slim basement bar, sliding barn doors, and a Murphy bed are some of the trending minimal design elements you should consider for your basement space. Note that some minimal designs are even more sophisticated and inviting than that of regular home design.  

Basement Remodeling Ideas For Small Basements

How Can I Get The Most Out of My Small Basement?

As you read in the list, there are many small basement remodel ideas that you can apply to your home to get an extraordinarily finished basement. However, just picking any idea out of a hat may disappoint you. Your basement, for example, can be used for a small basement bathroom. But if a bathroom will not help you effectively in any manner, then you should forget about this idea though you have enough space and budget for it. Maybe, just simple storage is what your home really needs rather than a bathroom.

Remember that your home is supposed to meet your expectations and needs while reflecting your personality. Thus, you are advised to get professional help and tell them what you need. Before meeting a contractor, you can observe your home’s routine and take notes to understand your needs better. This would help you express your case more clearly.

How Can I Make My Basement Feel Cozier?

A cozy feeling is about a warm and positive environment with serenity, which sounds almost impossible in an unfinished basement. However, a finished basement doesn’t guarantee a cozy ambiance if the project is not a well-designed one. Though a cozy basement is usually the result of a delicate basement remodeling, there are still a few tricks you can try to improve your basement. 

The first thing would be reconsidering the lighting in your basement space. Instead of ordinary overhead lighting in the middle of the ceiling, use task lighting or even warm bulbs to get a warmer atmosphere. Also, replacing your overall carpet with soft cushy area rugs will greatly contribute to creating a cozy feeling. The appearance and comfort of the rugs will give you a luxurious feeling. Finally, adding some seasonal decorations will help to make a cozy vibe like putting a pumpkin or two, a Christmas tree, seasonal paintings or photos …etc. 

Make The Most Of Your Small Basement With KBR’s Remodeling Services

Now that you have read the list and all, it is time to rethink your plan with your basement. Getting professional help seems to be a must, but how can you get the best one among many remodeling services? The good news is KBR basement remodeling service is here to make your dreams come true. If you are somewhere in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, you can enjoy our high-quality remodeling services.