KBR Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to your bathroom things like lighting and privacy are big issues, especially when it comes to installing a picture window. In any small space natural light is very important. Windows must be covered up, especially in a bathroom. A large window that is fixed is called a picture window. The name is derived because it is made to offer a clear view of the exterior surroundings. It acts somewhat like a picture frame would show off the scenery. This window features a wide expanse of glass. It is ideal for adding the natural light to your bathroom. When you really want to highlight your outdoor view, a picture window is an attractive way to do just that.

To keep moisture from building up and damaging the surrounding window frame it is a good idea to install a glass block or acrylic block type of window. It should be flush with the wall and then it should be properly caulked and sealed all around the edges. It is a good idea to utilize a high-quality silicone. The window will then be fully protected from any type of moisture from getting in there. Some of the small windows have an opening from the top that opens outward to let the fresh air and breeze fill the room. Here are the top six reasons to install a picture window in your master bathroom:

Create a Focal-Point

A picture window in your bathroom will create a focal point in the entire room. Sheer curtains can help diffuse the light and offer some cover of privacy when they are closed. Using frosted panes is another way to maintain privacy while still letting the sunlight shine through. Window film is resistant to moisture and it is ideal for a bathroom. The window will also open up the space and make it seem larger in appearance.

Bringing in some Feng Shui

The bathroom is one of the most high traffic areas in your home. It is important to create a setting in your design that is relaxing and inviting. Having a picture window in your bathroom gives you the opportunity to open the room up to air and light. The picture window will invite sunlight into your bathroom and with the window open fresh air will fill the room. The fresh air will help to keep the bathroom from becoming damp and musty. The addition of natural light provides a boost to healthy energy. With the right design you will have no trouble having your new picture window installed and creating the overall look you are going for in your home. A picture window will be a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Create a View

With a picture window in place your guests can gaze out into nature. As they soak in the tub or take care of business they can relax knowing there is a view to appreciate ahead of them. They can see the birds and squirrels in the trees and take in the true beauty of the outdoors before them. This helps to create a relaxing and serene place that people won’t mind visiting when they come to visit your home. They key here is to have the bathroom feel very welcoming and inviting. It will become an area in your home that is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Design Clarity

A picture window can take any design and make it look even better. The room will open up and be more defined by the walls and any tile that is in view. It becomes more than just a bath, shower, and toilet. A picture window really ties the entire design of the room together. Just as it encourages people to gaze outside it also encourages them to look about the room and to notice even the smallest of things.

Let there be Light

The addition of the picture window will also give way to increasing the natural light exposure to the overall room. This can help homeowners save on their electric bill because they won’t have to turn the light on during the day. In certain areas even the moonlight at night can function as a nightlight to guide those late night bathroom visits. Having this flow of sunshine beam through the window also gives you a chance not to worry turning on those light switches.

Keep the Room Cool

Many kinds of light fixtures that are installed in a bathroom cause an excess of heat to be spread around the room. If it is a small bathroom the heat can measure up really fast. No one wants to feel hot and break out into a sweat when they are in the bathroom. The heavier and brighter lighting can remain off and restroom visitors will feel more inclined to help you save on electricity when they see your window fully installed.