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Bathroom Remodeling Process: Steps to Follow for a Seamless Remodel

Today, remodeling a bathroom is quite popular and easy to execute. The bathroom doesn’t have a large space, so you can use your imagination and creativity to build your dream bath. In order to do this, you need to follow the right bathroom remodeling process.

If there’s a room that needs a little luxury, it’s the bathroom. Remodeling your outdated bathroom is understandable; nothing is more warm and welcoming than a brand-new bathroom. Furthermore, your bathroom remodeling process can increase your home’s resale value. 

bathroom remodeling process

Let’s learn more about the bathroom remodeling process and its trends. This process will help your bathroom’s overall functionality, aesthetic and shoot up those values. 

Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Process

A bathroom remodeling process involves so many things often coming together in a limited space. From showers to soaking tubs to sinks and style, all of it needs to come together in one seamless, efficient, and enjoyable space.

Planning your layout and the elements you need is even more critical than what tile to use. You’ll see, this process is well-connected to the number of individual tasks. 

You must complete a few mandatory tasks before you begin other tasks. You may need approvals in advance for some projects by the building authorities too. 

Similarly, you must plan for details that will make your bathroom one of your favorite spaces in your home. Once you plan each element thoroughly, you’ll be pleased with the final result. 

Choosing the Bathroom Layout

First, lay down what your structure is going to look-like. Will it be a three-piece or four-piece bathroom? It’s essential to think about your bathroom layout before moving ahead.

What if you need to combine the shower with the tub to save space? Will you have room for two sinks? These are the most important details to figure out before you plan your bathroom remodeling process. 

As the bathroom tends to be smaller than other rooms, you can hire a professional designer or contractor to help you with the layout. This way, they’ll make sure the space is comfortable not on paper but also in reality. 

Clearances are essential too. How much space do you need in front of your toilet? It is where the professionals will help you come up with an efficient floor plan. 

Moreover, having professional designers at an early stage is more valuable than just having them pick tile for your bathroom. There’s a lot that goes into a bathroom, so plan, plan, plan! 

Adding a Vanity in Your Bathroom

Even if you have room for two sinks, you’ll have to sacrifice valuable counter space. Investing in more space is a luxury well worth the loss of the second sink. 

Similarly, it’s important to choose the right vanity tops for your bathroom. Many surfaces are often not compatible with the high-moisture environment of your bathroom.

Likewise, you can maximize your counter space by installing cabinet-style vanity or wall-mounted vanity. It is a great way to increase storage; add a vintage or round mirror over-it to complete the look. 

Figuring out the Wall Niche

Sooner or later, you’ll have to figure out where that wall niche will go on the wall. Make sure it doesn’t get in the way of plumbing within the walls. It’s better to coordinate the studs in the walls to suit the size of the niche you want. 

Likewise, you’ll need to consider how you’ll finish it? Will you use tile? What size of the tile is appropriate for that type of niche? 

Be strategic about its placement as well as the design. It should be large enough for practicality, but you also need to place it in a fashionable way.

Think About the Bathroom Lighting 

Many homeowners are now aware that lighting is an essential part of your bathroom remodeling process. You can install general lighting for the overall pace and direct ambient light near the sink and vanity for grooming and makeup application. 

One area that many homeowners overlook is the shower. You can install ambient light fixtures that are hidden in the ceiling, or you can incorporate a feature light into the niche. At the very least, a simple recessed pot light can also be enough in a successful bathroom. 

Tiling Your Bathroom

For a well-thought-out and well-designed plan, you need to know where to start and stop on the wall tiles. You’ll have wall tiles in the bathroom specifically, in wet areas like a shower or a bathtub. Remember that not all options are suitable as tile flooring for your bathroom. Choose the ones that offer grip and are anti-slip to avoid any accidents.

Deciding how that tile will look is a vital part of the bathroom remodeling process. You can install tiles that are contained in those wet areas or have a traditional jam between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. 

You can also choose to wrap the tiles around the bathroom; full-height or wainscoting. These finishing details will make your bathroom a well-thought-out space. 

If you plan on designing a spa-like bathroom, opt for neutral, natural, and earth-toned colors. You can use marble or quartz slabs or mimic the look with porcelain tiles to create a soothing atmosphere. 

Adding Bathroom Accessories 

Towel bar, yes, we all need towels in the bathroom; having them within arm’s reach is something that homeowners take for granted. You don’t want to walk across the room to get to your towel. 

Even if it’s a simple freestanding towel bar or wall space, make sure you babe room for it. Plan for it, especially if you want a heated towel rack. 

It requires an electrical component and quite a bit of space, so ensure you plan. Get the details all worked out with the contractor and see them execute this important element properly. 

Alternatively, one of the safest ways to add pizzazz to your bathroom is by adding glass panels to your shower or changing up your shower curtains. You can add actual fabric curtains to add drama and interest to your bathroom. 

Think of fringe or macrame to the ends of your curtain to add a practical element in your bathroom that is trendy and elegant. 

Don’t Forget About Bathroom Storage

Make sure you plan for storage in advance to incorporate in this small space, especially if you’re planning for a console vanity. You will need to find alternative options for your bathroom storage

The console vanity may look gorgeous, but it’s not the most practical. The type of vanity you choose for your bathroom remodel is equally critical. 

You can opt for a cabinet or floating vanities where you can store extra towels, linens, toiletries, etc. Even open shelving where you can display your grooming products or use baskets to add to the decor. 

Remember, more storage is always better. Add wicker baskets and trays that match the new attention-grabbing concept. You can also place some plants or flowers to add life to your bathroom’s new colors.