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Finally, you are done with your kitchen remodeling. You look at your kitchen one more time and you say “it is definitely worth it!”. Yes, kitchen remodeling is one of the most destructive makeovers in your home, but it makes the biggest change. New layout, cabinets, floors, countertops, even appliances… They all look so good and your new kitchen is much more functional now.

Looking at your new kitchen, you find yourself promising that you will take good care of this new kitchen. You think this newly remodeled kitchen should function perfectly and look beautiful for a long time. But how?

How To Take Care Of Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen? 2

In this blog post, we will explain how to maintain your newly remodeled kitchen. You will see different focus points which will, altogether, help your newly remodeled kitchen last for years. Here are the things you should do.

Don’t Forget To Register New Appliances

Some contractors have already registered the appliances in your newly remodeled kitchen for warranty issues. If you don’t know whether your appliances are registered or not, just ask your contractor about the issue. 

New Appliances

If your appliances are not registered, get in contact with the manufacturer of the devices to register. This will start the warranty period of the appliances, and this will save you from spending extra money and time when there arises a problem with them. 

Also, registering the appliances is much easier today. You can do it on the telephone or online with just one click on many manufacturers’ websites.

Reconsider Your Items

Though some homeowners tend to renew even the smallest items in their kitchen along with their newly remodeled kitchen, you might want to use the kitchen items that you saved from your old kitchen as much as possible. 

Understandably, some kitchen items might be sentimentally valuable to you, or you may not want to spend any more money on the kitchen since your budget has already been devastated. However, it would be best if you were careful about integrating your old items and newly remodeled kitchen. For example, even a simple canister or a salt shaker might spoil your newly remodeled kitchen. 

Reconsider Your Items

Suppose you want to make the most of your newly remodeled kitchen. In that case, you should consider the overall design and style rather than cluttering the countertop or other visible places with disharmonious objects.

Never Underestimate Family Cooperation

Once you have got your newly remodeled kitchen, you should take good care of it as a whole family. Only a wife or husband cannot deal with the total care of the kitchen. Of course, a family member can take the lead in the kitchen, but he/she should also teach and guide others on how to take care of your newly remodeled kitchen. 

For example, younger kids may not be able to find something in the new kitchen, or they can’t put the things like kitchen utensils away properly. Therefore, parents or older kids should help them with such simple tasks. 

Family Cooperation

Also, getting used to the new kitchen layout can take some time, which might create small problems and make your kitchen more functional. Therefore, you should be aware that although the new layout and storage can be a bit confusing at first, you will get used to it in a short time and enjoy the kitchen more.

Do More Research About The Maintenance Of Your Kitchen

We know that you had already done some research before your kitchen remodeling. You compared different cabinet models, countertop stones, kitchen appliances..etc. and finally, you have got your newly remodeled kitchen now.

Removing your old kitchen and installing the new one is a long process. It takes a significant amount of time. Meanwhile, you might be confused with the options and maintenance tips for each type of countertop, cabinet, or appliance. Therefore, when you get your newly remodeled kitchen, remember the basic maintenance guidelines, and also do more in-depth research about some of the most valuable elements in your kitchen, like countertop and cabinet doors.

More Research About The Maintenance Of Your Kitchen

For example, you might need to get your granite countertop sealed before using it unless your contractor/installer hasn’t done that during the installation. You might also need to buy some special cleaning sprays for your quartz countertops. You should also learn what to do if you have a problem with your cabinet doors, electrical appliances…etc.

Add Your Personal Touches

A newly remodeled kitchen, of course, doesn’t come with troubles necessarily, and you don’t have to be a security guard at the entrance of your kitchen. So let’s talk about some positive things, too.

Now that you have your newly remodeled kitchen ready to use, it is high time you customize it with your taste and artistic point of view. Though some people can prefer to have professional help for that, we think there is still some room for adding your personal touch since it is your kitchen anyway.

Personal Touches

Where can you add your personal touch? Actually, you can personalize anywhere in your newly remodeled kitchen. You can add small details from your style on the shelves, on the kitchen island, on the floor…etc. Although there are limitless ways to add your spice into the kitchen, we still advise you to consider your home’s overall design and style. You can take a look at some kitchen decoration ideas, kitchen color ideas, or even color psychology to make the most of your kitchen decoration. Some contractors have nice kitchen remodeling portfolio sections on their websites.

Bottom Line

A newly remodeled kitchen is one of the best gifts you can buy for yourself and your family. We know that not many people can buy a new house or remodel their kitchens many times. Thus, you just want to make the most of your newly remodeled kitchen, which is totally understandable. In this article, we have suggested a few tips to you so that you can take care of your newly remodeled kitchen decently. However, just don’t get overwhelmed by kitchen care. No kitchen is more important than you feeling good.