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Are dated finishes and lack of space making your kitchen hard to work in? The solution: A change in the floor plan and a unique design.

That said, the scope of a kitchen remodel needs to focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects. For instance, design and functional changes like – opting for an eclectic color scheme with a lot of counter space, introducing a baking zone, bringing in a recycled bar, or switching your light fixtures can be excellent starting points.

Since a lot of money is involved in making these changes, we thought you could use some inspiration. We present to you 7 fantastic before and after kitchen remodel projects so that you can see the change for yourself.

Lessons We Can Learn from These Before and After Kitchen Remodel Projects

1. Before: Plain with Poor Design Plan, After: Open Plan with Better Placement

In this before and after kitchen remodel project, the kitchen and the living room are divided by a wall. You are required to walk around the stairs and cross the foyer to move one space to the next. So, if the wall is done away with — the movement around the two will be better.

[bafg id=”15799″]

So, the homeowner decided to remove the wall. Also, they also pushed the wall with the three windows out to create more space within. To inculcate better placement, the sink in the older kitchen was replaced with slider doors as well. Although, the designers did not change the location of the stairs, they still look more open than before. The cabinets are also placed at the perfect location, and work well as a food serving area for family gatherings and as a serving bar area for parties outside the busy kitchen.

2. Before: Stale Cabinets, After: White and Fresh

The cabinets as well as the counters in this kitchen exude a stale look and need more than a simple update. However, the vintage stove is a complete charmer and may be reinstated in the renewed space.

[bafg id=”15800″]

The older kitchen’s stove and cabinets continue to grace the renewed space. The only difference is that they look much fresher because of the new paint. However, the counters and the dark backsplash are taken over by marble and white subway tiles. Adding a design stool and a rug makes a huge difference aesthetically.

3. Before: Ordinary Looking Fixtures and Finishes, After: Ravishing Farmhouse Kitchen

The entire room is a strong case for improved style and function. The basic fixtures and finishes add to the dismal picture.

[bafg id=”15801″]

The transformation goes on to prove how a few smart touches can bring about an amazing change in your interiors. The stainless steel sink is swapped for a chick apron-front porcelain one. Gleaming brass pulls, butcher block countertops and a striking copper backsplash provide a striking contrast to the new grey cabinets. Every element plays a unique role, yet come together to play into the overall theme.

4. Before: Bygone but Spacious, After: Bright and Tranquil

This before and after kitchen remodel project is undoubtedly more than dated, but what draws us to the area is the overflowing space.

[bafg id=”15802″]

The entire space has an air of tranquility about it. Gone are the faded browns and the dull whites of the earlier model. A soft gray-and-white color scheme is carried through the whole house that brings about a warm and cheery environment. You also get to see an abundant usage of natural materials in the new style. Catch the vintage cutting boards in wood, the woven seats that outfit the Shaker-style barstools’ and a washed-out dateless wool runner that adds up to the mellow environment.

5. Before: Inconspicuous Cabinetry, After: Farmhouse Decor Scheme

Though the fronts of the kitchen are a boring beige, yet the cabinets, on the whole, are in good condition and hold plenty of potential.

[bafg id=”15803″]

The kitchen takes on a charming farmhouse character. The cabinets are resurrected with bright white paint and cast-iron knobs. A new butcher-block countertop brings an updated feel to the room while the basketweave tile backsplash invokes a folksy style.   Porcelain apron-front sinks translates a country feel into the interiors.

6. Before: A Primitive Mess, After: Classy and Opulent

This before and after kitchen remodel project from the 1960’s is hopelessly outdated, dark, and calls for a heavy dose of rejuvenation.

[bafg id=”15804″]

To get rid of the layout imperfections, a complete wall is removed to open up the culinary space and bring into focus the sweeping architectural window.  White Caesarstone quartz goes on to cover the newly introduced island. White hued oak cabinets and wood floors let in an organic element.

7. Before: Lack of Storage and Style, After: Chic with Black Accents

The room above is more of a corner kitchen with most of the appliances finding refuge in the nook. Other than that, lack of sufficient storage and a seating arrangement are a few amongst the many flaws that the kitchen suffers from.

[bafg id=”15805″]

Black can take your culinary space to a seriously sleek level. An all-new breakfast bar creates a great welcoming hub and offers much-needed storage. The black cabinets, large industrial pendant lights, and porcelain apron sink boost a moody, dramatic feel in the kitchen. Black appliances look insanely elegant next to the black cabinets. The butcher-block countertops further lift the ambiance by a notch.

In Conclusion

To sum up, choosing a kitchen remodel design that you can relate to for years down the road is equally important. Take a cue from your heart and not your mind while fabricating your kitchen design. You can also take some inspiration from these before and after kitchen remodel projects too.

Anything that builds a sense of connection with your space and evokes a response from your end is your design. Choose wisely.