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Designing a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens offer more than just a sleek aesthetic simplicity. They also offer a calming ambiance through the use of clean lines and neutral colors. Choosing granite countertops, simple cabinet design, wall coverings, and stainless steel appliances can help to ensure that your newly remodeled kitchen has both a utilitarian design and feel.

One of the ways that modern kitchens maximize utility is by incorporating a large center island. In addition to providing ample counter space for food preparation, the addition of bar stools can enable it to double as a casual dining area. Of course, its appearance is important because it is quite literally the centerpiece of a modern kitchen. Therefore, the materials used are of utmost importance. They should be both aesthetically pleasing, while practical.

Because modern kitchens primarily utilize neutral coloring, marble countertops have become a recent trend in modern kitchen design. However, granite countertops are a more practical choice because they offer a much more budget-smart option. Marble is a highly porous material, which means that it is susceptible to damage through staining and scratching. In contrast, granite provides a highly durable surface, along with a high-end look. Like marble, granite offers the variation of colors within, making it a similar but much more resilient choice. Granite also comes in a wide variety of colors. White or gray granite can offer a very similar appearance to marble. On the other hand, black granite offers a stunningly sleek appearance, which can be perfect for a modern kitchen.

Cabinetry and hardware is another important choice because next to countertops, it will visually take up the majority of the room. Gone are the days of cabinets with elaborate woodwork and hand-pulls. Modern kitchens typically feature clean straight lines, with natural wood slab cabinets with flat facades. Alternatively, many modern kitchen cabinets utilize glass, which is equally sleek. They also can allow for the added option of interior lighting.

Likewise, cabinet hardware should be of very simple design. In fact for the ultimate in simplicity, some designs completely forgo using any hardware at all. Of course, it is important to consider practicality. It is not necessary to completely eliminate handles. Instead, you can choose fixtures that feature clean straight lines.

Appliances are also an important consideration that cannot be overlooked, nor should the decision be put off to the last minute. When designing a modern kitchen, you can choose either appliances which are stainless steel, are integrated into the cabinetry, or both. Stainless steel appliances provide a very modern and professional feel. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and care for, making it a highly functional choice. Not to mention, you can choose stainless steel cabinet fixtures to match the appliances. However, many appliances have wood facades, allowing a uniform appearance with the cabinetry. Therefore, it is important to choose your appliances early. That way, you can ensure that your kitchen appliances can be seamlessly integrated with granite countertops and matching cabinets.

In terms of wall-coverings, it is unnecessary to have a number of wall-hangings and pictures with a modern design. Instead, you might consider having an accent wall that features a contrasting color or material. For instance, if your countertops and cabinets are black and white, you might choose a vibrant paint color like a deep red or a lime green for just a pop of color. On the other hand, you might choose to have a glass-tile backsplash for added color. In fact, you could even consider incorporating any granite remnants into the tile design. Of course glass-tiles would require a little more planning at the beginning, but it can offer an exquisite contrast to wood cabinetry. Alternatively, if you have opted for glass cabinets, flat wooden wall panels can give a naturalistic ambiance to the room, while still remaining sleek.

Similarly, additional decorations should maintain simplicity and help to brighten up the room. A plant or some flowers strategically placed can go a long way to enliven your room, without providing a sense of clutter. Also, pendant lights can quite literally illuminate your workspace, and many new light fixtures also offer a modern clean-line design, while maintaining that sleek appearance.

When designing a modern kitchen, simplicity and uniformity is key. However, utility should not be sacrificed in the name of an aesthetically sleek appearance. Regardless of whether you choose marble or granite countertops, glass or wooden cabinets, stainless steel or built-in appliances, or anything else, it is crucial to decide if your focus is more on form or function. No matter what you choose, it is important that you do not overlook the importance of planning. You will want to make sure that you can live with the design that you make!