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Fall In Love With These Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

With the kids back in school, and life slowing down now that vacations are over, you might find yourself having a few extra minutes – or hours – this fall season. This is a great time to work on a few remodeling projects and get some things accomplished. Here, you will discover some kitchen remodeling ideas, some of which are short and simple, some that take a little more time, and some you will just fall in love with.

Window Replacement 

Although this can apply to your entire home, replacing windows is a great kitchen remodeling project for the fall season. This is especially true if you noticed your home being slightly chilly last winter. Now is the time to prepare your home for upcoming winter season. If you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you have probably realized how much heat is produced while cooking from both the oven and the stove. If your kitchen windows are sealed properly, you can benefit from this heat, keeping your warm on chilly fall and winter days. However, if your windows are drafty, the extra heat produced while cooking will exit through the window cracks, and could increase your heating costs overall. Take the time to check your windows and get them replaced this fall season.

A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Another small kitchen remodeling project you can do this fall is repaint. Paint is inexpensive, but it has the ability to really make a kitchen feel fresh and new. In addition, because the summer heat and humidity is gone, fall is the perfect time to repaint. It is still warm enough to open the windows for ventilation and there is enough of a breeze to speed up the drying process. If you really want to feel the fall spirit, you can opt for a color from the fall palette of oranges, yellows, reds, and browns.

Get Granite Countertops 

If you have been looking at your kitchen countertops for a while and have decided that you are ready for something new, fall is the perfect time. While there are many options out there, granite countertops are the number one choice of homeowners. Not only are they durable, bacteria and heat resistant, but they are also elegant and require little maintenance. In addition, granite countertops are more affordable now than they have ever been. Similar to having the opportunity to ventilate properly during the fall for painting, the same is true for granite countertops. While the installation is not a smelly process, the sealant can be, which is important for maintaining the beauty of your granite countertops. Furthermore, what better reason than the upcoming holiday celebrations you will be hosting, could you possibly find for getting granite countertops. It will create a warm, inviting, and comfortable feeling place for your friends and family to gather.

Replace the Floors 

Fall is the perfect season for remodeling your kitchen floors as well. You might want to consider this project even more so if you are updating your countertops. New floors will enhance the style and design you are going for, and will really increase the fresh, clean feeling associated with new countertops – and wall color. There are many different options for you to choose from, including ceramic tile, stone tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Take the time to do your research to ensure you are getting the best flooring option that is available for kitchens.

Updated Cabinetry 

If you have decided to repaint, replace the windows, countertops, and flooring, you might as well consider updating your cabinetry. If there is room in your budget, and your cabinets are relatively old, it is recommended that you replace them with new ones. However, if your budget is limited and time is running out, you can always try resurfacing your cabinetry. You can sand down the old surfaces and either stain or paint them to match the new décor and style you have chosen. You can also replace the old hardware – door knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges – to complete the look.

Create a Backsplash 

Creating a unique backsplash is another great fall remodeling project for the kitchen. In most instances, backsplashes are made from tile, such as ceramic, glass, and stone. If this is the type of backsplash you desire, you will need proper ventilation for the grout and ‘mud’ to stick to the walls and dry. A backsplash can be unique to your taste and style preferences, and can be easily accomplished in one day, updating your kitchen to the level you want it to be at.

Take the time to consider some of these kitchen remodeling ideas perfect for completion this fall. Research all of your options, determine a budget, and consult professionals to accomplish all your kitchen remodeling goals before the winter sets in.