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Porcelain Tiles: The Bathroom Tiles Of Choice

Porcelain is your tile of choice if you are looking for a material that is easy to clean, durable, and appealing to the eye for your bathroom walls or floor, or even both. In addition, porcelain is highly versatile, which means that there is an option that will match your specific taste. KBR Kitchen and Bath presents some of the different ways you can incorporate porcelain in your bathroom below.

  1. Large format porcelain tiles

Porcelain looks great when incorporated as large format tiles in your bathroom. The contractor can use the large format tiles for both the bathroom floor, and the walls. This will create a seamless and continuous look throughout the bathroom. The large format tiles also offer visual texture, which is important in all bathrooms, but more so in minimalist ones.

Alternatively, the contractor can install large format porcelain tiles on the floor, and put smaller tiles on the wall. This arrangement will create contrast between the bathroom wall and floor, which will further accentuate the bathroom.

  1. Hexagonal porcelain tile

Hexagonal porcelain tile is another classic found in many vintage bathroom floors. It is important to understand that the hexagonal porcelain tile is usually much thinner than ordinary floor tile. In addition, it will come with a mesh backing from the manufacturer for easier installation on your bathroom floor.

  1. Glazed porcelain tile

Not as common as the previous two in bathrooms, the glazed porcelain tile allows you to achieve the classic stone look and feel. It allows you to do this without necessarily forcing you to apply sealer, unlike stone tiles.

  1. Rectangular porcelain tile

If you want to create the wood plank look on your floor without using wood, then go for this option. Arranging the rectangular porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern will create the wood plank effect.