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Space-Making Small Bathroom Designs

It is true that color palette and elements chosen for a bathroom, particularly a small one, can have a big impact on how big or small the room feels. However, what is more important is the layout. The location of the tub, the toilet, and the sink can make a big difference in how large or small your bathroom feels. In addition, other elements, such as shower choice, sink choice, and lighting can all make a difference. If you have a small bathroom, and are considering a renovation, you need to keep reading. Find out how you can strategically place the components of a bathroom to make it feel much more spacious.

Wide-Open Shower

A current trend in bathroom designs for smaller spaces is a wide open bath. This means that you actually place the tub drain directly into the floor and creating what is known as a ‘wet area’. You will no longer have a tub, just a shower, but the lack of a shower curtain can really make the space feel bigger. All the elements in this area will need to be waterproof, however, so the cost could be a concern when choosing this layout.

The Perfect Layout

If a wide-open shower is not your thing, consider the layout of the space you have with including a shower or tub. You can actually fit a relatively large shower, a toilet, and double sink in a small bathroom, as long as you know where to put things. Putting in a corner shower with clear glass walls will really open up the space.

Place the toilet next to the shower – on the short wall, and place the sinks – we recommend wall-mounted faucets – on the opposite wall. This leaves plenty of room to move about the room, and the glass shower walls help give the space some depth. Wall mounted faucets leave you room to place storage underneath the sink and a granite vanity top above.

Lighting Makes A Difference

When it all comes down to it, lighting can really make or break a bathroom – especially a small one. You want to make sure that you have adequate lighting for the space you have. If your bathroom lacks natural light from a window, you will need to add extra lighting. A combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and overhead lighting – all strategically placed – can really make a space feel much bigger. The more appropriate lighting you have, the larger your space will feel. We recommend talking with a lighting designer to get the perfect plan for your bathroom.

The Sink Matters

Another aspect of a bathroom layout that matters is the sink choice. A stand-alone sink, which allows you to look passed the legs, can give the room some depth. Also, a wall mounted sink can really help open up a space, as there is nothing needed around it that will take up space. Other options include a pedestal sink and a console, both of which will help make the bathroom fell much larger than it is.

However, many of these sinks do not have countertop options. There are ways that you can counterbalance the lack of countertop, such as with open shelving behind the toilet, a medicine cabinet on the wall, or open shelving in the space between the toilet and the tub. Be creative in your shelving to give you more space.

What a Difference Color Makes

When it comes to the layout of the bathroom, it is surprising how color can make a difference, especially in a small bathroom. For a space that lacks natural lighting, you want to use lighter, brighter colors to open up the room. Even if you have natural lighting, brighter, lighter colors are the easiest solution to making a bathroom feel much larger. A current trend in bathroom remodeling is creating a spa-like bathroom.

This incorporates bright blues, greens, white, and neutral tones to create a relaxing, open-feeling space. Glass tiled shower walls in lights shades of greens and blues can make it feel like a waterfall, opening up the room. Opting for clear shower doors as opposed to frosted glass or a shower curtain can keep the eye moving.

There are many elements of a bathroom that make a difference in how big or small it feels. Choosing lighter, brighter colors, open shelving, stand-alone sinks, and appropriate lighting are all you need to really create the bathroom of your dreams. Take the time to sit down with a designer to ensure that your dream bathroom – no matter how small – feels larger than life once the renovation is complete. You deserve a place to relax after a long day, and an inviting, open bathroom, can be the perfect place to rest your body and mind in the evening, and these simple tricks are all you need to accomplish your goals.