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Tips for Remodeling a Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is an extremely functional space, both an efficient and pleasing kitchen design choice. It’s focus is definitely designed as a space for cooking, but it’s an open enough floor plan to remain interactive with family and guests. Working as a functional frame for a dining room, a galley kitchen is a space saving design that many homeowners grow to love.

When it comes time to remodel, there are plenty of decisions to be made concerning your galley kitchen. A unique space as far as dimensions are concerned, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there for giving your galley kitchen an upgrade without diminishing the appearance of its physical space. Here are a few things to try when renovations are in order.

Bold and bright changes

Galley kitchens are great for saving space, but tend to be narrow, which means color schemes are extremely important when it comes to making them appear larger than they might actually be. Go ahead and brighten up that space by matching lighter granite countertops with light cabinets. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this requires an enormous investment. If you’re on a budget, try investing the majority into quality light-toned granite countertops that will last for years to come. The cabinets you have now can easily be painted a lighter tone to match, which will keep your budget in balance and give your kitchen the bright touch up it deserves.

Bringing the backsplash up to speed

When you elongate your kitchen by designing a galley style layout, it inevitably increases the space needed for a backsplash. The more counter space you have, the more necessary it is to protect the wall behind from stains and spills. When the time comes to remodel your galley kitchen, invest some thought and consideration into backsplashes to bring in color and moisture protection into play. Granite tiles are a moisture-resistant and durable solution for a galley kitchen backsplash. An added benefit is that they will seamlessly tie into granite countertops, creating a sleek and sophisticated final result.

Creating a new look with a little color

Sometimes, all it takes is a little color to give your galley kitchen an entirely new look. An easy way to do this is to add new knobs to your cabinets and drawers. If your galley kitchen tends to be monochromatic in color design, try adding some bold ceramic handles to spice up the look. If your kitchen leans towards a modern style, try adding a rustic copper handle to each of your drawers and cabinets to give your kitchen a rustic flair.

Attractive accents that pull it all together

Galley kitchen layouts are unique in that they are efficient for cooking, yet act as a physical hallway leading to a dining room or social space. If you’re in the mood to remodel, consider using accent pieces and decor that create continuity between these two spaces. When your kitchen acts as a path to another room, it’s important that your decor flows between the two spaces and doesn’t abruptly change. The easiest way to do this is to pick a color you love, either from a wall color or granite countertop color and use that as a central accent hue between the two rooms.

Upgrade to granite

Galley kitchens are notorious for great availability when it comes to counter space. When it’s time for a kitchen upgrade, definitely take the time to add granite countertops. Granite countertops are an investment in durability, quality and sleek design. Available in a vast number of colors and patterns, granite countertops will give your galley kitchen a unique surfacing appeal with unsurpassed quality included.

Illuminate with well-place lighting

One of the unique benefits of long countertops in a galley kitchen is the line of cabinets that will adorn both sides of the room. During your remodel, try adding extra lighting under the cabinets to provide unique illumination that can bring out the best in your granite countertops. Extra lighting also tends to create the appearance of increased space. Similarly, under-cabinet lighting can be extremely useful for those homeowners who find themselves on culinary adventures at all times of the day and night.

No matter how you go about remodeling your galley kitchen, it’s important to understand that the changes you make are reflections of your own personal taste and style. Personalizing your galley kitchen to your needs is essential in making your kitchen functional and fantastic in its design. Trying one or a combination of these remodeling schemes is an easy way to give your galley kitchen a boost while also adding a unique style to a kitchen all you own. Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to remodeling options. Your galley kitchen is built for efficiency, but it’s your changes that bring the personality to life in your home!

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