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Top 10 Bathroom Color Ideas

After you consider bathroom design basics such as your fixtures and your plumbing, it’s time to get to the fun part; It’s time for you to decide on your color scheme! Below are 10 of the top bathroom color ideas that will guarantee you’ll love your retreat in the powder room:

Cheery Yellows With Blue Or Brown Accents

The use of yellow color has been featured in all of the home design magazines since the end of last year. The yellow trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and those who are using this color are taking a retro, hipster approach. They’re using yellow as a backdrop color against green, blue, and brown accents.

White And Gray Sophistication

You can’t go wrong with a white and gray combination. This is a color scheme that says that you’re cosmopolitan, yet no nonsense. The combo blends very well with a wide variety of jewel, neutral and muted colors.

True Blue For The Kid’s Bathroom

Blue used to be a color strictly associated with boys but now, blue is perceived as a gender-neutral, kid-friendly color. Specifically, sky blue is the best color to use against bright, fun, contrasting color schemes and accents.

Marbled Look Without The MarbledPrice Tag

A very hot trend is the use of paint to create a marbled look on the walls. For the average home owner, installing marble on the walls isn’t an option. It’s a lot cheaper and more practical to hire someone to paint black or charcoal gray marble veining against a white or bone colored backdrop.

Who Says The Wainscot Must Be White?

Traditionally, the wainscot in restrooms are painted white. But there’s a growing trend to paint the wainscots a color that feels right to the home owner. For example, a wainscot could be painted beige, complementing another color on the walls.

Bold Painted Accents Makes It Better

Sometimes, the devil is in the details, and some home owners take advantage of this adage by using accent colors on their bathroom window panes, their baseboards, and the moldings, too. Using contrasting colors such as white against a bold color, or black against a muted color creates a sophisticated pop.

Soothing, Peaceful Pastels

While many homeowners want to experience pops of color in every room, many simply want to experience a color scheme that allows them to experience peace while they’re soaking in the tub. Classic pastels such as peach, rose, and cream all provide an aura of tranquility.

Make Your Guest Green With Envy

Green is one of the hot colors of the moment. Specifically, aloe green and apple green are very hot. But these can be used with mint green and grassy green, too. Green is a wonderful color that blends with white and cream, or it can complement colors such as beige and brown.

Seaside Beachy DécorIn Your Bathroom

Beachy accents and colors have been all the rage throughout the year. Sky blue and powder blue paint blends with colorful shower curtains, and white, or cream colored towels and rugs. And of course, what kind of beachy bathroom would skip over the use of sea shell accents? This is a bathroom design plan for those who want to experience the easy-breezy vibe of the shore.

The Classics Never Go Out Of Style

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the classic color combinations of cream, and brown. This is a color scheme for those who want to create a look of classic sophistication that matches just about every decorative accent color imaginable.

Now that you’ve got some options to use for your color scheme, you can use your decision to guide you towards a granite countertop purchase. Granite countertops work wonderfully in the bathroom. They won’t develop stains, or mildew. You can purchase all sorts of granite colors that work wonderfully with the color schemes mentioned, as well.

For example, you can purchase white or light grey granite that works well with your softer color schemes, such as the yellow, the gray, or the classic beige or cream. Not only can you select your marble slab by color scheme, you can select your slab according to the mood that you’re trying to create in the bathroom. A black or brown slab works beautifully with a sophisticated or post-modern color scheme. And, you can use jewel toned colored slabs inside of a bathroom that calls for pops of colorful fun.

Granite countertops are very easy to maintain, especially in the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about them getting chipped, as you would in the kitchen.  And, when you want to disinfect them, simply use a 50-50 solution of 90% rubbing alcohol, and water to wipe your counters down with. Never use household cleanser; the solution is too harsh and will damage the sealant.