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For many people, how to get prepared for a kitchen remodel is only about the budget and keeping the rest of the house clean and secure. Although they are still good thinkings, you should still consider some other points when it comes to how to get prepared for a kitchen remodel.

Note that you will not be able to use your kitchen for a few weeks. It means you should have a clear alternative plan to survive during your kitchen remodeling. Of course, there are numerous little things you can think of when you reconsider the process in your kitchen particularly. However, you can take some common practical measures before the installers start the job in your home.

How To Get Prepared For A Kitchen Remodel? 2

In this post, we give you some tips you might find very helpful. The tips are either security or practicality-oriented. Read through the list and take notes of the most relevant one(s) for your case. Enjoy!

Temporary Kitchen

The first tip is to arrange a temporary kitchen for you and your family. Ideally, this could be your patio or outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have such facilities, don’t worry. You can also set up your living room or dining room as your temporary kitchen. In fact, any spacious available area can function this way. Of course, it will never feel like your regular kitchen, but it might be lifesaving during the kitchen remodeling


If you are also renewing your appliances, you can use the old ones meanwhile, like refrigerator, microwave, or electric stove. You can also consider your camping stove or mini-fridge if you have one. 

Once you are done with the big kitchen appliances, you can easily transfer the essential food supplies and kitchen utensils. Though it might sound demanding, moving to a temporary kitchen will save you a good amount of money considering the expenses of eating out. Also, you will keep your healthy diet rather than eating junk food all the time.

Double Check The Walls

Kitchen remodeling is a destructive procedure most of the time, and it might involve certain risks if you are planning to remove or add walls in your kitchen area. Although your contractor can help you with constructional security issues, you should still consider some relatively minor risks. 

Double Check The Walls

Usually, you will already empty the wall to be demolished, but other neighboring walls can be at risk as well. So, you should take down curtains, valuable paintings, or wall decorations.

Kitchen remodeling can cost you more than you think if you don’t take care of your walls and the things hanging on the walls. You can simply put the curtains, paintings, or other wall hangings into a large basket or plastic bags. If you still want to display those beautiful pieces in your house, you can also hang them in your living room or hall. 

Put Things Away in Categories

Before the remodeling starts, you will probably put your kitchen essentials away. But just don’t throw them all together. First, you might need them before your remodeling ends, and you might have a hard time finding what you need. Secondly, when the remodeling is completed, you might have problems with placing them in your new kitchen. Therefore, making a simple categorization is of great importance for you.

Put Things Away In Categories

To make a good categorization, you will, of course, need to gather some supplies for storage. Boxes, packing equipment (packing sheets, tapes…etc.), plastic storage bags, labels…etc. You should get them ready a few days earlier than the kitchen remodeling starts in your home. Then, you can buy them at hardware stores or supermarkets in your neighborhood.

Consider Donating Some Items

Donation is a brilliant way to make others happy while getting rid of clutter in your home. For example, while putting away your kitchen essentials like appliances, cookware, utensils…etc., you can make a list of the items that you will need in your kitchen while crossing out the ones that you will not need anymore in your new kitchen. 

Consider Donating Some Items

Based on your categorization, you can take them to the charities around you or directly give them to some other people you think might need them. The idea of helping other people, recycling your unused/unwanted kitchen items, and reducing the clutter in a meaningful way will feel you more positive. Also, getting your things ready before moving to your new kitchen would be great! 

Take Care Of Your Pets

This final tip may not apply to all homeowners. But it would never be complete if we didn’t mention this. By giving us companionship, pets are our best friends. They need us, and we need them. So we never want to risk them during construction at home. 

Take Care Of Your Pets

Before your kitchen remodeling starts, you should remember that your pets will also lose part of their routine, especially if they live indoors normally. Also, they may not be safe around the construction area in the kitchen. They might also spoil the kitchen upgrade by distracting the working team in your kitchen. You can consider hiring a pet sitter during the kitchen remodeling, or alternatively, you can keep your pets in a room away from the construction area and the working team.

Bottom Line

If you are really concerned with how to get prepared for a kitchen remodel, you can benefit from the tips given above. Security and practicality are two main things we have focused on in this article. If you have other specific focus points, never skip that! And remember, once the remodeling begins, it is usually too late to arrange the things in and around the kitchen.