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Honestly speaking, any time of the year is the right time for kitchen remodeling. Since a kitchen remodel is all about working indoors, the season to start the project hardly matters.

Having said that, there are certain times of the year that work out to be most conducive for your kitchen remodel project than others. True that remodeling projects are taken up throughout the year. Yet, summers are arguably the perfect time to revamp your kitchen. Wondering why? Simply put, because the designers are busy up to their necks during the fall and spring. It follows that that may not be the best time to put in your precious money in your project.

There are other factors that go on to make the summer season the best time to pick up your kitchen remodeling project. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Enjoying Outdoors while Renovating your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can be taxing for you and your family.

That’s especially true if you are doing a full-blown kitchen overhaul. In high-scale renovations, you often end up changing the fixtures too. It means that you are left without the basics like the sink and the regular appliances to assist you every day. But, if you decide to go in for your kitchen renovation in summers, you can have all the fun outdoors.

You can enjoy sprucing up delicious grilled meals with your family while the contractor works on your kitchen, for instance. Or if you are in a mood to socialize, you can call over your friends and party till you are ready to drop. If you aren’t big on socializing, you could also hang out in the backyard with your sketchpad while the work happens. You know, whatever you fancy. 

2. Scheduling Kitchen Renovation with Vacations

There is another reason why summers are the best time to pick up your renovation project. Since this also happens to be the vacation time, you don’t have to worry about dropping and bringing the kids back from school and after-school activities. Better yet, your kids are likely to be away at summer camps or relatives’ — so why not take it easy? Take some time off, and enjoy takeouts or romantic dinners with your partner instead. Who wants to be stuck cooking when the kids are away, right?

Essentially, this is one time of the year where you are completely at ease, and hence it’s easier to schedule this task when you can give it the attention it needs. You have ample time to coordinate with the contractor, review the ongoing work, and generally be around for any ideas and changes that you may want to suggest.

3. Summer Has Plenty of Natural Light

Design is an integral part of a kitchen renovation.  Trendy cabinets, cupboards, corner units, countertops, sink, appliances, etc need to be selected to make the renovation a super success.

However, any selection of elements must be made as per their look in natural light to appreciate the actual beauty of the product. Some countertops, for instance, look different under a light source as compared to when they are placed away from it. It also helps to gauge how it will eventually look after being incorporated in the space.

Since summers are all about long sunny days with the sun being at its peak, it is the perfect time to pick up your favorites to get the look you have been aspiring for.

4. Summers = Better Ventilation in the Kitchen

Any given remodeling project involves a lot of uprooting, which is basically like letting loose a dust storm in your house. Not to mention the odor that follows. It can be extremely taxing for you and your family and especially for those with respiratory and allergy problems. What is the solution then?

Simple. Summers are the answer. If you decide to opt for renovation in summers, you can simply open up all the doors and windows…and you are sorted. Compare this to getting your kitchen renovated in winters where opening the doors and windows will be a pain in the neck!

Even the contractors and the labor find it easier to work in summers as they don’t have to breathe in all the toxic stuff like paints and other chemicals. All they have to do is to open the windows to allow air circulation. Basically, this helps everyone.

5. Contractors are Easily Available in Summers

Since most remodeling jobs are done during the spring and fall season, the contractors are left with a more open schedule in summers and are easy to hire. Also, as they are not overdriven with work during this period, you can have all their attention on your project.

Another advantage of hiring contractors in the off-season is that their prices may be lower than what they may charge at other times, which brings us to the point of law and supply-demand.

The Law of Supply and Demand

Most markets run by the law of supply and demand. The home improvement industry is no exception. This directly impacts the cost of a project as a result.

Accordingly, whenever it is the peak season and a score of homeowners are opting for home renovation, the demand for the contractors goes high. When the demand begins to scale up, the charges also soar high.

Hence, if you plan to hire a contractor for kitchen remodeling, refrain from scheduling it in spring as the contractors will likely charge a bomb then. Summers can help you save some bucks here too. You will end up with quality work with full justice to the money invested in the project.

Making the Ultimate Call on Contractors

Kitchen remodeling is a serious business. It’s a good idea to plan the task well in advance so that you don’t lose out on any front.

If you are looking up different sources to find out the right time to spruce up your kitchen, others might be doing this too. Why not book the contractor in advance? After all, you don’t want to lose him to others, right? Besides, planning in advance will give you sufficient time to crack the discounts offered at different times of the year.

Other than this, the best time to opt for a kitchen renovation will largely depend on your priorities. Whatever period of the year you choose must fit your family’s needs. Of course, as pointed above, summers can prove the ideal time for a kitchen renovation, but it can be a purely subjective decision too. After all, you are your greatest priority.