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Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas

There’s something exciting about showing others a new home you just bought. It can be equally thrilling to show off a finally finished home renovation project. Being able to step back and show people you care about the home you love and have invested in, is a testament to your personal taste, style and dedication. Your home is where you create your life and memories, so it makes sense that every change, improvement or tweak is something worth celebrating!

For better or for worse, when a home is entered for the first time, the initial intake has a lot to do with color and décor. This is a natural place for a person’s eyes to drift and it’s not surprising that shine and color capture visual attention first. What often goes unnoticed at the start, but makes an enormous impact on the layout of a home is the flooring scheme that a homeowner either inherits or chooses for his or herself.

The very floor that plays hosts to feet and furniture all day long is a feature that in fact determines how large a room appears and can concretely decide what type of atmosphere a space encompasses. For example, a living room that is filled with beautiful, yet dark furniture and is paired with dark wood flooring could have a tendency to shrink in comparison to a kitchen matched with bright white tiles. While both rooms may have been created with the same dimensions– color, texture and the material of flooring chosen can change the way a room is entirely perceived. This suddle, yet important home feature is unique in that it extends to every inch of a residence. While curtains or chairs might play a large part in living rooms and bedrooms specifically, it’s the flooring that is added to every room in the home and is therefore, a vital factor when determining the vibe your home delivers.

While some flooring options seem obvious, there are certain rooms in a home that can cause homeowners to take a step back and hesitate. The bathroom might top the list of rooms that require flooring, but give homeowners pause when it comes to deciding what direction to go. Luckily, flooring options are vast and varied and bathroom flooring is no exception. The following are five flooring ideas to take your bathroom flooring scheme to the next level.

Marble tiles are a must-have

While many homeowners will turn to marble tiles in the name of a budget that’s been pushed in other areas of the home, there are many positive reason to take into consideration when flooring your bathroom with this stone surface. While marble does tend to run at a slightly lower cost than granite, these tiles are also durable, easy to install and maintain and fortunately, come in a wide variety of colors to fit personal taste. Sealed marble tiles are extremely water resistant which is ideal for any bathroom placement, and can easily be paired with a variety of accent pieces or partnered with a smaller bathroom granite countertop.

Bamboo in your bathroom

While it might seem strange at first, using bamboo flooring in your bathroom is both a unique and helpful plan of action. A prime renewable resource, installing bamboo flooring in your bathroom gives your home an eco-friendly edge that is also extremely water resistant and fashionable. Bamboo flooring has the unique option of being purchased with a ‘distressed’ or ‘natural’ look that goes well with earth tones or deep, colorful accent pieces.

Granite goes the distance

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom once and be done for years to come, than granite tiles are definitely the way to go. The price point of granite tends to run slightly higher, but for good reason. Granite comes in a vast variety of color tones and hues, and is renowned for it’s longevity and quality when properly maintained. Once sealed, granite tiles will lock out moisture that is generally found in bathrooms and if paired with a matching granite countertop, provides a sleek and sophisticated feel to any bathroom in the home.

Vinyl plank flooring

Some homeowners shy away from vinyl flooring fearing that a lower price point equals lower quality. This preconception just isn’t true when it comes to giving your bathroom a flooring boost. Vinyl flooring, when installed in planks, can give any space an elongated feel generally equated with expanded space! This means you can visually add dimension to your bathroom and with vinyl, maintain the freedom to get creative. Synthetic materials offer up the possibility of color combinations and patterns that might not exist in natural stone materials. So if you decide to go with vinyl, definitely give it a little to a lot of personal flair and watch your bathroom go from simple to sensational with nothing more than a simple flooring fix.