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14 Ways to Design a Chic Bathroom with Tile

Have you recently been spending more time in the shower thinking about your bathroom’s design aesthetic? It means that it’s time for a bathroom makeover! Starting from the very basics is a great way to achieve that high impact remodel. What’s more prominent in a bathroom than the tiles after all? We bring to you chic tile options, so you can aim high with your aesthetic by making minor changes. Read more to find out!

#1 Say Goodbye to Shower Cabins (Enter Tile Showers!)

Do you remember the stone-age shower kits? In fact, you likely still have one taking up a mountain of space in your bathroom now. These single-piece units eventually turn into eyesores as trends change throughout the decades. It can feel nearly impossible to achieve a beautiful bathroom with one occupying valuable floor and wall space. That’s why, one of the best bathroom updates you can make is to getting rid of them. Try a tile shower or bath nook to begin the descend to this century.

#2 Go Minimalistic

If you still prefer a designated shower surround, we recommend going minimalistic with your choices to keep up with the trends. Less is more in an urbane setting, and we recommend turning to simplicity to achieve that. Place a glass shower surround near windows for an airy look. We recommend keeping wall tiles the same throughout the bathroom. Don’t use different tiles for the shower area for keeping up the minimalistic flair.

#3 Make a Statement with Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking to make a statement, especially while updating your master bathroom, start by letting the bathroom wall tiles set the tone for the entire ensemble. Opt for softer, washed-out colors or even a wooden look for the flooring and neatly cut statement tiles for the walls to bring a sense of 5-star luxury to your bathroom. If you are opting for white floor tiles, you could go with harmonious colors for the walls like soft pink or frosty blue. You could take it a step further by ditching ceramic tiles and opting for the crispness of glass. Finish with an exquisite soaking tub strategically facing the windows, and voila! Your masterpiece is ready to go.

#4 Go Harmonious with the Look

Rather than going crazy with too many flamboyant choices in one single bathroom, go with a look that is more cohesive. If you want to pick shiny fixtures and a statement tub at the same time, you could bring the whole room together by using the same tiles for floors, walls and the shower area. If the size of the tile is too big, get those cut down to maintain the continuity. Pick sober colors like darker shades of blue or black, or more neutral ones like gray or white to achieve the desired effect.

#5 A Different Path to a Cohesive Bathroom Remodel

While #4 might be appealing, we as homeowners tend to have our heart set on different colors. Choosing different hues doesn’t have to lead a messy bathroom remodel, though. You can still achieve a cohesive look in different ways. Opt for similar shapes while keeping the colors variegated. We recommend getting the same shape for mirrors, vanities and sink and pairing those with different colors whilst making vanity the highlight of the bathroom. Pick colors that complement one another and don’t make the look chintzy. You want to make the vanity stand out while still keeping a sense of warmth to the place. Achieve that with a gorgeous backdrop of tiles behind the vanity in a color slightly brighter than the rest.

#6 Time to Floor Everyone

People always use floors as the underling…and what can be a bolder move than making it the hero for a change? It can be done gracefully, especially for small bathrooms. We love using patterned tiles in monochromatic colors to jazz up the place. Choose a design in black and white ceramic or cement tiles that stands out. One could also replicate the wooden herringbone pattern using 4 inch cut-out stone planks laid in any order to bring out the opalescence of different areas of the stone.

#7 Demarcate Special Areas

Tiles can be used to identify special areas from one another. You can assign different tile work for areas with different utilities. Think a different tile-work surrounding the toilet seat or vanity. You could also do this for the shower area to make it stand out. The important thing to remember here is to use complementing colors and not to go overboard with the experimentation. Think pastel colors for an otherwise white bathroom. In effect, you would be demarcating ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas of the room for an enhanced sense of space.

#8 Replicate the Spa Look Spa for Your Master Bathroom

 One of our favorite ideas for master bathroom remodels, this one works to get a vibe that is spa-like and is soothing at its core. You can pick interesting veined designs with soft hues to get the look of a bathroom that embodies serenity. Whites or warm grays can look fresh when paired with peculiar textures and patterns.

#9 Turn the Spotlight On on Pattern

This one is a special one because one generally doesn’t consider pattern when they think of a small bathroom update. That’s where you can make your bathroom stand out in comparison to your friends’. Pick cement tiles as they offer multiple pattern options and keep the rest of the elements simple. Replicate the colors of the pattern in your choices of fixtures to keep it savvy. You might want to tell your decorator to think carefully about the beginning and end of the tiling. Some renovators even stretch the tiles to the ceiling to maintain the pattern.

#10 Get Inspired by Nature

 Make your master bathroom tiles resemble nature by incorporating ‘flowy’ designs. There is an abundance of wall tiles that resemble rippling water in the market. Pair those with more earthy floor tiles that resemble the bed of a river to get a holistically organic look. Don’t use heavy shower frames to keep that ‘au naturale’ effect–instead pick a clear glass sheet. In conjunction, the elements will work together to create an illusion of large space along with a warm vibe.

#11 Create an Illusion of Height

To enlarge the sense of space, align the tiles vertically in a way that highlights the lines and geometry of the bathroom. This bathroom tiling not only creates a sense of largeness but also adds a visual texture to the place. Opt for a few shades of the same color to create a patchwork that adds to sense of depth. The result will be more than stunning.

#12 Get Creative

This works especially well for powder bathroom renovations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with out-of-the-box patterns and colors to create a look that resembles savvy cafe bathrooms. The idea is to be deliberately flashy–and you could do so by making a mosaic tile wall in conjunction with a door layered with graphic patterns. Use bright colors and wall decorations to add the final touch.

#13 Create a Focal Wall

This one works on the basis that unnecessary cut outs should be avoided. Instead, main walls should be tiled beautifully and left to be admired. This can be achieved by placing the shower niche or storage unit on the same wall as the shower fixtures and leaving the main walls alone. The pattern can be elaborate and continuous without the cut outs–allowing it to be the highlight. Continue the floor tiles to the shower area to achieve a clean look.

#14 Go Beyond Just Tiles

 If you are relentlessly searching for ideas on Google for “updating my powder bedroom”, you can take it easy now. You might not need to look any further than this. You can keep the tiles basic and still achieve an exquisite bathroom. Keep the tiles large and basic and put them back in the supporting role. Instead, highlight other areas of the bathroom. Add a sparkling chrome faucet with a dark countertop for a contrasting duo that shines. Pick a wooden vanity or shelf to add warmth. The less your tiles compete with the ensemble for attention, the better the look would be.