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11 Amazing Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

The kitchen is the most happening place in a home. With all the cooking, hosting, and even eating in the kitchen regularly, all-white kitchens have been the most preferred choice for most people. This is mostly because of how soothing, and comforting white feels. 

But with time, slowly, designers are moving towards bringing in some colors into the kitchen. What is the best place other than kitchen cabinets to start this? If you are thinking of the same, here are few kitchen cabinet paint colors that’ll add some awesomeness to your kitchen.

1. Dual Colors

Using two different colors that complement each other for upper and lower cabinets is a beautiful way to bring drama and attention to your kitchen. This has been a trend for a long time, and this is here to stay. 

A fundamental White and Black combination to mixing traditional wood with colored cabinets works amazingly well in any kitchen.

2. Grayish Tones

Grayish tones are in every minimalist’s palette. Painting your kitchen cabinets with grey gives them an aesthetic look that they deserve. Grayish tones have this soothing and calming effect on people, thus elevating your everyday cooking experience.

You can go with dark gray for cabinets and light colors for walls to get that contrast in your kitchen. If you think of lighter gray, bringing some wood elements into your design will do the work. Not just that, gray cabinets are much easier to clean as compared to white.

3. Matte Black

Want to go entirely against the age-old all-white kitchen cabinet paint colors?How about choosing the polar opposite? Painting your kitchen cabinets in matte black will make your kitchen stand out. 

If you are going with a white backsplash, then black cabinets will add the perfect contrast drawing immediate attention towards them. Perfect contrast can make any kitchen of any size look amazing. What better contrast than black and white to bring that wow factor into your kitchen!

4. Mountain Pine

Mountain Pine is a beautiful color that goes well with your lower kitchen cabinets. Combining this with white painted upper kitchen cabinets works wonders in any kitchen.

Pro tip: Bring some plants into your kitchen. Plants bring color and also bring contrast as well as a natural element to both your painted kitchen cabinets and your walls.

5. Pink

Pink is a bold color to choose for your kitchen cabinets. But if you are ok with making that choice, it would add a different kind of beauty to your kitchen. Why? Rosy hues are here to stay.

Millennial pink is known to be feminine, and also, considering the amount of vibrancy it brings into your design, going with pink is never the wrong choice.

Suppose you are not comfortable with millennial pink. In that case, you have various other forms of pink, like blush pink or even dusky rosy kind of pink, which are not extraordinarily feminine and bring the same type of effects to the picture.

6. Green

Green is one other color to choose for bringing that aesthetic sense into your kitchen. Not just that, green is also associated with nature. For this reason, painting your kitchen cabinets green will have that calming effect on you.

When you are going green for your kitchen cabinets, choosing contrasting colors for your kitchen walls and the backsplash takes your kitchen’s beauty to another dimension.

7. Pastel Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Pastel colors are known for being soothing colors, especially if you are considering a kitchen remodel. What better place than a kitchen to have that relaxing feeling? Baby blue, lavender or even peach are all amazing colors for your kitchen cabinets.

You can also paint your walls and backsplash white, thus adding to the place’s full soothing effect. On top of that, white goes amazingly well with all the pastel colors. Beat that!

8. Darker Hues

To add contrast to your whole design, choose lighter colors, predominantly white for your walls and the backsplash. Your cabinets just pop out and attract immediate attention if they are of a darker shade..

9. Wood Finish

If painting your kitchen cabinets with colors is not your thing, then giving them a wood finish would give you all the vintage vibes you need. Wood finished cabinets are making a return in most homes these days, and it’ll never run out of fashion.

You can choose to paint the upper cabinets with any lighter colors and give the lower cabinets a wood finish. This way, you are bringing modernity into your kitchen while keeping the vintage vibes intact.

Wood finished kitchens also makes the place cozy and makes cooking and hosting a good experience. Not just that, they are also easy to maintain as dirt is not generally visible on the cabinets.

10. Multiple Color Choices

Want to go all experimental with your kitchen and add some individuality to it by expressing yourself? Then choosing multiple colors for your cabinets is one way to do all of that.

You can choose colors that complement each other and paint each cabinet differently. You can also choose to paint different colors to different cabinets based on what you will store in them. It becomes a visual representation of everything and also adding to the whole visual appeal of the place. 

Choosing to go with multiple colors for your kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen stand out from the rest, and it’ll definitely speak a story of your individuality.

11. White or Anything Close to White

Finally, no matter how much we talk about all the colors you can go with for your kitchen cabinets, the all-white design will always be something you cannot ignore.

White has that very straightforward, on your face kind of character to it, thus not giving you any headaches other than probably while maintaining it.

If not white, at least colors closer to white, or you can also consider some shade of ivory for your kitchen cabinet paint colors.